House Show Results from Port Huron, MI, 09/01/99

House Show Results from Port Huron, MI, 09/01/99

By T-Bo of The Ric Flair Shrine

Trivia Question: Before this card, when is the last time WCW even came to Albany, GA?

I'm T-Bo (a.k.a. Cager) and back again for my third report to DDT Digest. Previous reports are: December 22, 1997 Nitro in Macon (in house report) and January 2, 1999 house show in Macon.

Well, this is my fourth live show (my first came in 1994, nearly two years before DDT Digest hit the web) and for the fourth time, circumstances prevent me from seeing Ric Flair.

Enough moaning about myself. On to the show...

I arrive at the Civic Center five minutes before the gates open at 6:30. As soon as I get again I locate my fourth row ringside seats and then see what the souvenir stand is selling for astronomical prices. The only thing I end up buying is the WCW magazine, which includes an insert of who they expected to show up tonight.

According to the sheet, they expected the following that eventually didn't show: Sting, Flair, Hugh Morrus, and Brian Knobbs.

WCW did its usual thing of playing theme music before the matches. Several rednecks singing and/or dance to "Disco Fever" and "I Hate Rap".

BTW, rednecks make up 90% of the crowd, which is estimated around 6500.

At 7:20, a new ring announcer that I've never seen before runs down part of tonight's card and gives a few comments:

Strangely enough, no one really threw more than a couple pieces of ice and no one jumped the railing. Perhaps they were scared of Doug Dellinger, who was out there in his shorts.

The announcement about Flair not able to wrestle made little sense as he was actually scheduled on the lineup card to escort Rick Steiner to the ring. The rednecks booed the announcement anyway, which made less sense, since they would have booed Flair if he showed up.

Quick warning: I'm not good at judging how good house show matches are. I felt the boys all worked hard (except for the main event) and did a good job.

Hardbody Harrison v. C. Palumbo

After the match, Rick Steiner hits the ring and attacks both men. He challenges Goldberg and builds up himself and Sid Scissorhands. Goldberg then arrives and accepts the challenge, creating a huge "Goldberg" chant.

Triple A v. Kid Romeo

The ring announcer promotes the WCW Mastercards.

Chris Adams & Lash Leroux v. Prince Iaukea & Blitzkrieg

Lenny Lane & Lodi v. Insane Clown Posse Intermission Vincent v. Disco Inferno Eddy Guerrero v. Saturn DDP and Bam Bam Bigelow v. Harlem Heat Goldberg v. Rick Steiner Overall, I enjoyed the card. The effort was good and the fans were true rednecks, worth of any Jeff Foxworthy joke.

Trivia Answer: April 22, 1996. Two weeks of Nitro were filmed that night. The first night had a main event of Sting/Luger v. Giant/Flair and the second week had Giant beating Flair for the world title.

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