WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 12/22/97

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 12/22/97

By Bill

Charles W. Wise, Jr. sends the following arena report:

I just got back from the Monday Nitro held in the Macon Colisieum. I just wanted to let you know that after the show was over, Sting and Scott Hall fought an entire match complete with referee. Sting repelled down into the ring and Hogan started looking around in shock and talking to Bret Hart. It looked to me like Hart was in with WCW and not nWo because he just smiled and walked away with a smirk on his face while Sting was staring at Hogan. Then, Hall came out and stood a few minutes with Hogan. Hogan looked like he was going to go to the ring to fight Sting, but Hall was holding him back. Hall took Hogan aside and said something into Hogan's ear and then Hall took the ring. Sting took off his long coat and stood there with his gloves still on. They finally locked up and Sting threw him across the ring.
Finally the match began and Hall would get in a few good blows to Sting but then Sting would counter back and the crowd was about ten times louder than they had been all night. The match went back and forth like this for a good fifteen minutes with Sting slamming Hall once and getting in a few good blows to Hogan who was on the side the entire match. Sting let out a few yells to work the crowd up.
Finally at the end of the match, Sting threw Hall into the turnbuckle and got him with a Stinger splash. Then Hogan came in the ring, Sting threw both of them into a turnbuckle, and proceeded to splash both of them. They stumbled around a couple of seconds and fell. Sting then helped Hall to his feet and Scorpion Death Dropped him. The ref counted as Sting got the three count.
All said and done, Nitro was pretty sucky but this match really left the crowd fired up for Starrcade.

T-Bo sends in the following arena report:

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