WCW World Tag Team Title Tournament

January 21st - February 21st, 1999

There was one attempt at this tournament that the nWo ruined by interfering in matches. This "new and improved" tournament is a double-elimination tournament. As it is here, the top half is the winners' bracket, and the bottom half is the losers' bracket. The way it is plotted out is that once someone in the winners' bracket lost, they dropped to the losers' bracket and continued on there until they lost again. Note that garnering some wins in the winners' bracket before dropping to the losers' bracket started that team off higher in the losers' bracket. When there was one team left in each bracket, those teams faced each other at Superbrawl IX for one or two matches.
If the team from the winners' bracket won the first match at Superbrawl, they won the titles and the tournament would be over. If not, there would be a second match and if they won that match, they would win the titles and the tournament would be over.
For the team from the losers' bracket to win the titles, they would have to win both matches at Superbrawl to win the tournament.
If you are interested in tournaments from the past, there is a great page detailing all of the tournaments through history. Click here to check it out.

Final Tournament Results

Winners' Bracket

Brian Adams & Horace________________
                                    |Adams & Horace_______
Kidman & Chavo Guerrero, Jr.________|                     |
                                                          |Adams & Horace_______
Faces Of Fear (Meng & Barbarian)____                      |                     |
                                    |Faces of Fear________|                     |
David "Fit" Finlay & Dave Taylor____|                                           |
                                                                                |Hennig & Windham_____
The Outsiders (Hall & Nash)_________                                            |
                                    |Duncum & Enos_*______                      |
Bobby Duncum, Jr. & Mike Enos_______|                     |                     |
                                                          |                     |
                                                          |Hennig & Windham_____|
Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko________                       |
                                    |Hennig & Windham_____|
Curt Hennig & Barry Windham_________|                   

Losers' Bracket

Kidman & Guerrero____ |Finlay & Taylor______ Finlay & Taylor______| | | |Benoit & Malenko_____ Benoit & Malenko_____ | | |Benoit & Malenko_____| | Hammer & Hayashi_*___| | |Benoit & Malenko_____ | | Faces Of Fear _______ | | |Riggs & Enos_**______| | Duncum & Enos _______| |Benoit & Malenko_____ | | Adams & Horace_______| * - Wrath and Hammer were supposed to face Duncum and Enos in the first round, but Disco Inferno put Hammer out of commission in the back, and Wrath no-showed the card. Hall & Nash took their place and defeated Duncum and Enos. It was announced a week later that the match was "thrown out", and Duncum and Enos advanced over Wrath and Hammer. Wrath would then be replaced by Kaz Hayashi in the tournament. ** - On the 2/15 Nitro, Bobby Duncum was not at the card due to personal reasons. At that point, Scotty Riggs replaced him in the tournament match against Benoit and Malenko.

The Finals

Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs. Curt Hennig and Barry Windham Benoit and Malenko need two wins in a row to take the titles. Otherwise, they go to Hennig and Windham. Benoit and Malenko win the first match when Malenko makes Windham submit to the Texas Cloverleaf Hennig and Windham win the second match, and the titles, when Windham pins Malenko while choking him with a belt

The original tournament, 1/5/99 - 1/21/99

David "Fit" Finlay & Dave Taylor____
                                    |Finlay & Taylor_____
Super Calo & Lizmark, Jr.___________|                    |
                                                         |Finlay & Taylor____
                                     Disorderly Conduct__|

Bobby Eaton & Kenny Kaos____________
                                    |Eaton & Kaos________
La Parka & Silver King______________|                    

The Faces Of Fear___________________
                                    |No Contest__________
Mike Enos & Bobby Duncum, Jr._______|                   

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