WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 02/01/99

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 02/01/99

Minneapolis, Minnesota

By Jesse

Ben from Mankato, MN sends the following arena report:

I was gonna submit this last night, but it was quite a ride back home from the Target Center and I need my beauty sleep.

I now know what to do with your signs if they don't make it on television. You fold them into a paper airplane and chuck them at the ring. Don't know how many people caught the shot of Chris Benoit getting pinged by an orange airplane, but what you didn't see is that it looked like LaGuardia airport before that with paper/tagboard airplanes everywhere during the Hall/Benoit match. I think the biggest cheer of the night was for the airplane that made it to the ring. :)

For the huge "Green Bay Sucks" chant, you can thank Michael Buffer for that. During the commercial break he commented that Elway thinks he's gonna make another super bowl, but Buffer would love to see the Vikes kick his ass! (He said "kick his ass"...it was great) Loved Buffer's slip of "Clark", instead of Hart.

Damn, the Nitro Girls were great, they dance a heck of a lot more then you see on television. Plus, they do all their "best" dances off camera. Lots of pelvic thrusts and jammblies. Fyre's dance got a rise out of every man, woman, and child in the arena... WOW!!!!

The crowd wanted to get into it, but, three hours is a long time to stand on your feet. I went to a previous Nitro where it was two hours, and people were on their feet the majority of the night. There were some big pops for Steiner and Jericho. Norton got some big pops, too. What you didn't see during the commercial break before Steiner and Jericho was that Steiner jumped the rail and took off after a fan. It looked pretty realistic to me, Steiner looked pissed.

The dark match afterwards featured some awesome no-namer luchadors. Blitzkreig/Mosco de la Merced vs. Felino/Superboy. But don't let the names fool you, these guys were AWESOME! Blitzkreig is an a'la Mysterio on caffeine. This guy was doing more flips and wild things. His off-the-turnbuckle move looked more like a freestyle snowboard jump. Fido is a 200-pounder at least, and he was doing moonsaults all over the place. Blitzkreig and Rasco won the match.

I always thought Nitro did some good things in Minneapolis. We couldn't hear any audio from the backstage or outside scenes, but I think we got the jist of what was going on. Shouts out to the boyz at ddt... I held up a www.ddtdigest.com sign all night... but I didn't get on the air :( Oh well, it made a great airplane...

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