WCW Nitro - 1/25/99

WCW Nitro - 1/25/99

Dallas, Texas

By Wade

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Mason L. sends the following arena report:

Penzer gave a monologue that is probably driven into his head by now...just told us the basics. No lasers, throwing objects...etc...gave us the run down of the card -- Penzer announced Bret Hart would fight "The man he put out of action weeks ago..." no not Sting...Booker T...The crowd did not like that at all.

Wild Cat Willie came out to 'hype' the crowd,, they booed him..man that guy must feel like a loser.

The announcers came out...there was an actual big 'Larry' chant, but Larry didn't stand up, much to the dismay of the crowd.

After Penzer countdowns, a couple of 'Big Screen Dramas' we finally get a pyro and the beginning of Nitro.

Disco v. Al Green

Great, more big screen drama. This time we get back to back ones.

This inspired me to get a drink, just the time that Bam Bam comes out. I missed his whole thing due to incest worker lady working the concessions.

Penzer says that the Nitro Girls will come out for a special interview...No Nitro Girls..Mean Gene is in the ring and calls out Ric Flair instead.

Scott Hall and Disco comes to the ring w/ a ladder

Scott Hall w/ Disco v. Bam Bam

During this commerical break, Penzer points out the Herschel Walker, and Chuck Norris are at ringside.

Midcarders come out surrounding the ring, led by that great guy, Van Hammer.
The mid-carders I think were out of character, or drunk. Silver King suffered a case of ADD and could not stand still. I was hoping a big Lucha fight would break out..no dice..

Meng/Barbarian v. Fit Finlay/Dave Taylor

Smiley v. Saturn

Bret Hart v. Booker T

Norton v. Goldberg

Big Poppa Pump invades the announcers booth, we can't hear what he is saying..

Hogan, Steiner, Nash v. Flair, Benoit, McMichael

an A LLLOONG commercial break Horsemen come out

The 'lumberjack' jobbers came out when nWo came out, it was basically a battle royal..Goldberg came out, speared, etc..

When the show went off the air.. Goldberg continued to dominate until everyone went to the back. Mysterio and Psychosis stayed after and gaves hi-fives and stuff...

Pretty cool show...

Biggest Pop:


My friend hung out backstage and got several autographs..

DDP was in the house, but did not come out, my friend got a pic and autograph from him...Jericho was also backstage...

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