WCW Monday Nitro - September 13th, 1999

By Mel

All is right with the world once again

Heya, folks. Mel here, making my official return to the hallowed halls of the DDT Digest. A couple of you more avid Bill-brand marks may recall my house show report from Los Angeles that took place earlier this year--apparently, someone out there enjoyed it, and I was offered a position as bench writer for this awesome site.

It's my pleasure to try and fill Wade's considerable shoes with an emergency cover of tonight's post-PPV extravaganza (his cable is out). The buzz on Fall Brawl was that it was a manure heap, from all opinions that I've fielded.. as shocking as that might seem. Admittedly, the concept of heel Sting tickles me, since I've always been a huge fan of the man's work ethic, as well as the way he handles the stick.

But anyways, I digress. Tonight's show should be intriguing, considering that this heralds the arrival of the post-Bischoff era in WCW. For those of you who don't scan the crap sheets, it's pretty well-circulated knowledge that Eric Bischoff was given what's been described as anything from a demotion to a pinkslip, mostly concerning his rampant usage of Turner dollars to sign big-name music acts that proved to have little clout in the ratings wars. In my ever-humble opinion, RAW hasn't shined much brighter over the last month, which may just be a backlash from the limited roster being siphoned onto Smackdown for more appearances.

Oh, these are dark times we live in, folks. =)

Without further ado, we are LIVE from the Deandome in North Carolina!

Due to the usual logistics mess that comes with the tragically bohemian lifestyle of young San Francisco art students, we, on the other hand, will be coming to you LIVE from the basement rec room of Hodge's parents house.

We open with a recap of the Hart challenge to Hogan, the Sting-Lexy-Hulkster soap opera (Complete with a rewind of the laughable Scooby-Doo "lights off" beating.)

The Nitro Girls do their thing on the Mortal Kombat stage to open the show.

The Two Stooges give lip service the title changes, the Sting angle, and everything else completely unrelated to our first match. Which, coincidentally, will be...

Match Number One: Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko (For the Number One contendership to the WCW World Heavyweight Title)


We're back, and the Pocket Mook has the mic in the ring.


We return, to the "Encore presentation is still available" stills edition of the Sting-Hogan contest from the Pay-Per-View.

In back, Berlyn's entourage has arrived.

More commercials.

DJ "Damn, RAW Isn't On Yet!" wants us to make some noise. When we refuse, he allows the purity of evil to guide us, and out comes Ricky Rachtman.

In back, Drew "JJ" Carey is on the phone with a medical specialist somewhere in Florida.


When we come back, we're given the Benoit/Side clusterf*** slideshow.

Match Number Two: Erik Watts vs. Disco Inferno

Okay, an interjection here. I would do anything to contribute to the DDT Digest, but understand that convincing my fellow television watchers to sit through Sid doing his.. Sid thing on the mic.. is quite impossible.

As mentioned. Commercials.

Match Number Three: Silver King vs. Norman Smiley


We return into footage from the Berlyn/Hacksaw Jim Duggan magnum opus from the Pay-Per-View.

Match Number Four: The British Gentry (Steven Regal and Dave Taylor) versus The Windham Brothers


We're back, and Swampfoot is making his way to the ring with Jimmy Hart.

Uh-oh. Swampfoot attacks, apparently having had enough.

Match Number Five: Goldberg vs. "Lightning Foot" Jerry Flynn

We return, to stills of the Harlem Heat/Rednecks fuss from the Pay-Per-View.

Match Number Six: Harlem Heat vs. The First Family (Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobbs)

Now, mind you.. in classic form to the flavor of the evening, Hodge's dad shows up at the foot of the stairs, and asks for the VCR. After debate, he pulls the ultimate veto power of parenting, and takes the sucker. We'll now be covering the rest of the show with a legal pad, a pen, and a cramped wrist.


Match Number Seven: The Insane Clown Posse (Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J, w/Vampiro) vs. The Lambda Brothers (Lenny and Lodi)


We're back, to see Benoit traversing the aisle to Saturn's theme.

Instead, we get Rick Steiner. (GROAN)

Match Number Seven: Rick Steiner vs. Chris Benoit (For the WCW Television Title)


We take a special look at the Revolution.

Match Number Eight: Eddie Guerrero vs. Perry Saturn


Match Number Eight: Berlyn vs. Buff Bagwell


Match Number Nine: Sting and Lex Luger vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Hulk Hogan


The Good: All in all, that was a really solid show. I don't care much for the Revolution concept, but the stable's workers are unparalelled. A feud between the Filthy Animals and the ECW guys would be HUGE to everyone involved. And Sting's just great in whatever role.

The Bad: The Sid angle. For Christ's sake, some of us WANT to see Norman Smiley versus Silver King. I'm actually anticipating Halloween Havoc so Goldberg can destroy the guy, and bring an end to this asinine angle.

The Ugly: Vampiro's injury. Cripes. Thanks a lot, Billy.

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