House Show Results from Los Angeles, CA, 01/30/99

House Show Results from Los Angeles, CA, 01/30/99

By Mel

Hey, kids. For those of you unfamiliar with my exploits in the wide world of e-mark wrestling, I am a frequent DDT Digest fanboy and avid reader. I begged Bill to get the inside track on writing a little lowly stadium report from our local show at the Great Western Forum.

The last time WCW was in town was last July, at Meleé in LA, a RealAudio exclusive and the last house show that Hollywood Hogan peformed at before his 'retirement'. It was actually a lot of damn fun, though WCW has had some major changes in their ratings, angles, and roster since. How this would stack up was anyone's guess.

A funny thing about WCW and Los Angeles, coincidentally. The original cards that the company slings at us through internet advertising and local radio spots usually overshadow the lineup that occurs when we show UP for the event. For example; when I bought the tickets some month and a half ago, WCW was using Buff Bagwell's return to ring action as a sales point. Being a huge Bagaholic, I took the bait among other reasons, to go. Scott Hall was supposed to be taking on Horace, Goldberg was having his day in court against Ric Flair. No complaints about what happened tonight, but the originally intended product would have, for all intents and purposes, kicked some heavy-duty ass.

So, onto better things. Roni Zamboni, Schwahsylum valet and resident hootch was along for this one, since the rest of our little clique has either gone off to school, or was incapacitated. We arrived at about ten to seven, amidst general confusion about the starting time of the show -- Ticketmaster had printed everyone's stubs with "8:00" on it, while the marquee read "7:30". A stadium attendant explained that they'd shoot for 7:45, "Just to make things fair".

We had decent seats, colonade-level. They pack 'em in like sardines at the Forum, so any seat is basically as good as another when it comes to the chance that someone will have their arm on yours, or a beer will spill down the back of your shirt. With high hopes, we set up camp, and waited for Penzer to show up.

Penzer came out as hinted, 7:45. He did his rundown, schmoozing the Los Angeles crowd about how happy WCW was to be returning to the Forum. Rules had undergone a slight change, since last time. No laser lights, throwing things in the ring, standing on chairs, obstructing aisles, no recording devices. Penzer actually drew little heat during the segment, considering he was nearly lynched by the overzealous crowd at Meleé. Penzer promised a surprise, and then introduced Big Tad from KROQ, our local alternative rock station. Tad's role in our everyday routine is to basically take crap from Kevin and Bean, the hosts of the morning show. Last time out, he showed up in a pointless turn with the Wolfpac as they met up with Bret Hart and the Giant -- Penzer handed the mike over, and he did some spiel about how the nWo had wronged Konnan. Whoopidy, Tad will be in K-Dawg's corner tonight!

Sad thing is, this garners about as much interest from the crowd as it probably does from you out-of-state DDT Digest fans.

Penzer introduces his surprise.

The bell tolls. For whom? I hear generic Asian music, and figure it's gotta be Kaz. Whoops, spoke too soon. Out comes Chavo Jr., sans Pepé. We go quick to our next bout.. No brakes, we go straight to Match #3, with generic rock music bringing out.. Penzer hawks the merchandise stands, and crap, before leading into the next bout. Fifteen-minute break between matches. Out comes the Pretty Fly White Guy himself, K-Dawg. Onto the next. More french vanilla rock from the hands of Jimmy Hart brings out Barry Windham. Windham continues to sell the knee inflammation as Penzer announces that this match had a special stipulation: If Flair won, he got five minutes in the ring with Eazy-E. Penzer does some more plugs, for the Bruise Cruise. He goes on to say that everyone wants to know where Sting is. We go to our main event, and Penzer asks us if we're rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeady. At about the ten minute mark, Nash declares (While still laying in the middle of the ring) that, due to the close nature of the contest, the celebrity judges will have to decide the outcome. Altogether, a decent performance. Certain spots looked tired, even for such a fresh crowd, but Nash and Goldberg didn't disappoint.

The Good: La Parka, Norman Smiley, Kaz Hayashi. Crisp performances. Goldberg sweated it out for his victory, and Nash did an admirable job in a losing effort. Bischoff showed up, and was publically thrashed on a non-broadcasted format. No one was shot in the parking lot this time, and the crowd, for the most part, seemed to be concentrating on the show, rather than each other. Which is a problem, in Inglewood...

The Bad: The Jury of Four Drunken Jackasses. Screaming "Sting's queer!" while, in the same breath, offering for said Sting to "Suck my b***s!" is bad form, especially when its in the ear of the people in front of you. No Raven, no Buff Bagwell, no Kanyon, no Saturn, no Chris Jericho, no Eddy Guererro. Thankfully, no Hogan or nWo Jobrone Brigade, either.

The Ugly: Ric Flair, upstaged by a beach ball. That's just wrong.

Best signs of the night: "The Royal Rumble was sold out--so here I am" "This sign sucks" "Beer 4 Life" "I steal Pay Per View" "K-Dawg Sold Me Crack"

Biggest pops: Goldberg, Flair, Nash, Smiley, Big Poppa Pump.

Biggest heat: Nash, Luger, Bret Hart, Juvi, Eric Bischoff.

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