WCW Nitro - 1/11/99

WCW Nitro - 1/11/99

Knoxville, TN

By Wade

Well, at least it's not as bad as Sting with a freakin' forklift!

Chan and Charlie and Matt send the following arena report:

Yo Bill,

Even though it was the worst Nitro that I have ever seen, we've got a report for ya'. You'll notice that we found the show very boring, but meeting some of the guys at the Hyatt made up for it....

Matt, Elizabeth, Chan, Josh (my brother), and myself arrived at Thompson Boling Arena about 6:15. The whole reason of getting there that early was our hopes of finding a decent parking place since students were moving back into their dorms that day so the whole campus was a ruckus. Yes, I just wanted to say "ruckus." Some of you may say, "Who's Elizabeth?", b/c we've never mentioned her before. Well she's a little friend of ours who promised she would see wrestling with us sometime, so Matt and myself got her a Nitro ticket for Christmas.

As we entered the building, our (well, not Elizabeth) eyes began to gleam as I spotted a sign saying that there would be a Nitro Girl autograph session at 6:30. Matt is once again very disgruntled that there is no LWO merchandise. 6:30 rolls around and Kimberly, Whisper, Storm, and AC Jazz show up for the autograph session. I didn't want to pay $15 for autographs, so I just made my way up front and took some pics. This is when Elizabeth made her first comment towards WCW, "What are you guys drooling over? They're not that pretty, they're skanky." This drew Matt's response of, "But every girl looks better with a little bit of skank." Anyway, we got some grub and took out seats.

Now, with Knoxville having the stupidest fan base for wrestling, anyone could get a cheap pop. For instance, Wildcat Willy is almost booed out of the building until he whips out a University of Tennessee flag inciting a monster pop. This would be the case throughout the whole night as many of the wrestlers and announcers mentioned Knoxville being the home of the National Champions. If you noticed Nash looking towards the 3rd level a lot, it was because there was a huge Kevin Nash (#43) basketball jersey hanging from the 3rd level.

For the show itself, IT WAS THE MOST BORING SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. Matt even fell asleep during a segment. If I had been sitting at home watching the show, I would have been digging out navel lint until RAW came on. Fear not we, your Triple Threat, will note the spots that got a huge pop from Matt and myself as Elizabeth watches us in laughter:

The Hyatt made the night though. We blew past the area where Norman Smiley was and headed to the restaurant to get a bite to eat. We arrived five minutes late as they had just closed it. Too bad because all the Mexicans sans Konnan were eating. As I am very tired right now I will make a long story short: We met and had pics with Kimberly, Spice (yes, Bill, we met Spice), EL FREAKIN' DANDY, Damian, Psychosis, and Rey Misterio Jr. You've never experienced Rey, unless you've met him finishing a bottle of Corona and playing with a kazoo....
Joyce told us she met Benoit and he began talking to Curt Hennig. Hennig had been running around like a wild man the whole night and we found out it was b/c he lost his wallet at the arena.

There ya go, Bill.

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