WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 10/05/98

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 10/05/98

By Wade

Stylin' and profilin'

Wyeth sends the following arena report:
I originally was going to take my little brother to his first wrestling match, but he didn't finish his homework on time, so I brought along a "casual" wrestling fan -- a guy who followed the NWA during the golden days of Flair and occasionally watched on Monday nights when we flips the channels. I had to bring him up to speed on a couple of things. Such as uring the Warrior's promo when he said: "I though this guy had died." (He also thought Dustin Runnels was dead, which goes to show that even on the internet, there are rumors and then there are RUMORS.

As for the Wolfpac Pub Crawl, I couldn't tell from the television screens where they went, but I read in Zimmerman's report that they went to Columbia Brewing Company, which is about two blocks from the Colisseum. It is a yuppie bar (in a neighborhood not popular with college students) which might explain why it was so dead on a Monday night.

Believe it or not, WCW has found a way to get Wildcat Willie over. The only dark match consisted of Willie waving a Clemson sign (Carolina's rival school) which drew boos until the Carolina mascot (Cocky the Gamecock) came out to wrestle. Cocky was having difficult even climbing the ropes into the ring, and Willie did all he could to put the hapless mascot over -- throwing himself into the ropes so Cocky could clothesline him for the pin.

(Yes, USC's mascot is the Gamecock. Which leads to cheers of "Go Cocks", which probably explains why the WWF hasn't had a show here yet)

And in case it wasn't apparent on TV, the crowd was mighty pissed about the Sting-Hart match, since Penzer had been selling it hard all evening. We were also disappointed in the Flair segment, since he had no mic time.

Alvin M. sends the following arena report:
Just wanted to drop a couple of comments about the recent Nitro in Columbia. Eric Bischoff really screwed up with the last match. The crowd was really stoked because as a dark match, the Disco Inferno was destroyed by "the man" Bill Goldberg. We were forgiving as we sat through the first hour of sorry matches. We got really stoked by the brawl in the back. The biggest pop of the night had to be when Flair strutted in the ring with his son, Reed. Other big pops was Goldberg's appearance, DDP, when Bagwell's mother slapped him, and when Flair came to the ring.

Loudest boos were for the video of the Warrior's speech to Hogan, when Hogan came out and when the Disciple wrestled. The loudest boo is what I will talk about in the next paragraph.

The audience felt that we were cheated out of the main event when Sting and Bret Hart fought in the back instead of the ring. We had to watch it on the big screen and boos were heard throughout the time. Penzer got booed severely when he went through his "thanks for coming" spiel. You couldn't hear what he was saying. I heard a young woman say she should have stayed home and watched Stone Cold and Val Venis on USA. Its a shame too because Columbia was a stronghold for WCW when it was the Mid-Atlantic NWA region.

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