DDT Digest Books The Last Nitro Ever

DDT Digest Books The Last Nitro Ever

Nicholas Seafort, frequent contributor to DDT Digest, is the man most known for keeping Win/Loss records for wrestlers in the various promotions and making them available on the Internet. In addition to doing all that, he came up with one of the best ideas I've heard in a long time. Rather than a "night of champions" that puts belts on the line, a more appropriate concept for what is possibly the last show ever for WCW would have been a final resolution to the open angles...and not just the current ones, but some of the unresolved ones over the years.

He sent a number of great booking ideas and, with his permission, just about all the members of the DDT Digest staff made their contributions. You will find the contributions sprinkled throughout. Rather than point out who did what, this feature should be seen as written by all of us.

Interestingly enough, we came up with two endings to the show. Both are truly endings that couldn't be put within the show so, at the end of the report, you will be given an option of one of two endings. I encourage you to check them both out. Also, very important...I have an MP3 file to download which will be played at a certain point in Ending Number Two. If you have speakers and you can handle downloading a 1M file, it's worth the effort. Please do not play the MP3 before the appointed time; otherwise, it will ruin the effect. Please download the file and get it ready to play but do not play it until the appointed moment. Download the file from this location.

We hope you enjoy this. I guess the final question is...did they do a better job of booking the last Nitro, or would we have?

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