DDT Digest Books The Last Nitro Ever - Ending 1

DDT Digest Books The Last Nitro Ever - Ending 1

  • Match #5: Booker T vs. Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

    Cut to a hotel bedroom. Ric Flair wakes up yelling "No!!!!! Not again!!!!" He goes to the bathroom, and, in the shower he finds...Arn Anderson!!

    Flair:  "What the hell, Arn? What are you doing here?"
    Arn:  "Well, Ric, I was trying to take a shower until you walked in on me."
    Flair:  "No, I mean what are you doing in my room?"
    Arn:  "What are you talking about Ric? I room with you on the road!"
    Flair:  "Where's Hogan?"
    Arn:  "Hogan? Where do you think he is? I guess that he's up in New York. He IS the WWF Champion."
    Flair:  "You mean he's not in WCW???? What about Kevin Nash and Scott Hall?"
    Arn:  "Diesel and Razor Ramon? They're in New York too, I guess. Are you OK, Ric?"
    Flair:  "What a nightmare!!!! I dreamed Hogan and Hall and Nash came here and wrecked the whole damn promotion in a few years. I mean, it was good for a while, but then they tried to take over everything when they got big. Nothing ever seemed to get resolved. A bunch of storylines were left unfinished. You got hurt and retired, and we even brought my son in."
    Arn:  "Little David?"
    Flair:  "Yeah, and he turned against me, and got some girl pregnant. It was a bad angle."
    Arn:  "I know he's your son and all, Ric, but that kid couldn't wrestle my grandmother! He's too skinny!"
    Flair:  "Alright, alright. One more thing Double A, who's running WCW? Is it still AOL and Brad Siegel?"
    Arn:  "Who? Damn it, Ric, you know you work for Bill Watts. He bought the company from Crockett before it folded and merged it with the UWF. Hell, Watts is the whole reason we're sharing hotel rooms on the road!"
    Flair:  "What are you talking about? You're telling me Bill Watts owns WCW?"
    Arn:  "Yeah I am. And I think you've been using too much of that bleach on your hair, Ric. In the meantime, we'd better get ready. Me and Tully have a match tonight against the Road Warriors, and YOU have to wrestle Sting tonight. Better hurry up, we're riding up to the arena with Ross and Ventura today."
    Flair:  "Governor Ventura? I thought he was in the XFL?"
    Arn:  "XFL? Governor Ventura????? You've been smoking crack, haven't you Ric? Take a long, cold shower and you'll feel better. If you need me, I'm going to breakfast with Paul E. and Sid Eudy."

    Flair faints. With that, we fade out.

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