WWF Trading Cards From 1985
WWF Trading Cards From 1985

In 1985, Titan Sports produced what were probably one of the original professional wrestling collectibles, a set of trading cards. This was at the height of wrestling's "mainstream" popularity with the "Rock 'n Wrestling Connection".

There are 66 cardboard cards in the set, and at least 21 different stickers. On the back of each sticker is a piece of a 10 part collage of Hulk Hogan throwing one of his famous pulled punches.

The cards are a real mixed bag. Some of the photos are excellent, and some are really lame. The text on the cards is generally aimed at the 8-year-old marks, although a few of the are pretty funny. The order of the cards, such as who was on card 1, 2, etc. says something about the WWF Superstar pecking order at the time, I would assume. I hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane.

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