WWF Trading Cards from 1985, Cards 1 thru 10
WWF Trading Cards from 1985, Cards 1 thru 10
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Front: Hulk Hogan Back: Weight: 302 Pounds. From: Venice, California. World Wrestling Federation Champion. Hulk Hogan took his championship belt from the Iron Sheik in January 1984. The Hulkster takes on all challengers. He has 24-inch biceps. My comments: The weight is odd since he was billed at 308 pounds for most of his WWF career. And, yeah, Hulk took on all challengers. As long as they were heels.

Front: The Iron Sheik Back: Weight: 258 Pounds. From: Teheran, Iran. With Nikolai Volkoff, the Iron Sheik took the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship from Mike Rotundo and Barry Windham in March 1985. The Sheik's special hold is the "camel clutch".

Front: Captain Lou Albano Back: Weight: 304 Pounds. From: Carmel, New York. Captain Lou, a former wrestling great, is one of the most successful managers in the World Wrestling Federation. He has managed more than a dozen champion tag teams. Lou is a close friend of rock star Cyndi Lauper, manager of WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter. My comments: This card is the first of many that refer to the much-ballyhooed Rock 'n Wrestling Connection.

Front: Junk Yard Dog Back: Weight: 280 Pounds. From: Charlotte, North Carolina. The "Dog" is a former college football All-American lineman. He uses head butts and the "thump" to defeat opponents. My comments: The "thump" is the Junk Yard Dog's finisher, a powerslam.

Front: Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff Back: Weight: 252 Pounds. From: Tampa, Florida. A former professional football player, Paul Orndorff tells the world he is "Mr. Wonderful". Fans who don't like him call him "Paula". It makes him angry and he takes it out on his opponents. He is one of the most successful wrestlers in the World Wrestling Federation.

Front: Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Back: Weight: 250 Pounds. From: Fiji. Jimmy Snuka beats opponents by leaping 15 feet in the air from the top rope and landing on them full force. He is soft-spoken and plays fair in the ring - unless someone tries dirty tricks on him.

Front: Rowdy Roddy Piper Back: Weight: 232 Pounds. From: Glasgow, Scotland. Rowdy Roddy Piper is known as the "Man You Love to Hate". He is a schemer, known for clever but underhanded tactics in the ring. He is the host of the "Piper's Pit" television program. Many fans dislike him but even so, they flock to watch him. My comments: You'd think they could have found a better picture.

Front: Wendi Richter Back: Weight: 145 Pounds. From: Dallas, Texas. World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion. Wendi Richter is managed by rock singing superstar Cyndi Lauper. Wendi won her championship from the Fabulous Moolah, lost it to Leilani Kai, then took it back from Kai in March, 1985. My comments: Another case where they really could have found a better picture. Wendi is a good looking woman.

Front: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine Back: Weight: 248 Pounds. From: Seattle, Washington. World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion. Greg Valentine is known as "The Hammer" because of his powerful elbow smash. He is a master of the figure-four leglock. Valentine is known as a vicious wrestler.

Front: Brutus Beefcake Back: Weight: 273 Pounds. From: Parts Unknown. Brutus Beefcake likes to strut. He is proud of his looks. But don't make any mistake. He is as tough as nails in the ring. His manager is Luscious Johnny Valiant, one of the trickiest in the business.

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