Photos From Arn Anderson's Year In The WWF
Photos From Arn Anderson's Year In The WWF

The Brainbusters

The Brainbusters were smart, and they were cocky. And with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan as their manager, the sky was the limit.

Against The Young Stallions

Arn and Tully had some great matches against the Young Stallions, Paul Roma and Jim Powers. Paul Roma would later go on to become a Horseman, and Jim Powers is currently wrestling in WCW.

Against The Rockers

The Rockers were probably the best opponents The Brainbusters faced during their WWF run.

Wrestlemania V

Rick Martel turned on his partner, Tito Santana, in a match against The Brainbusters at Wrestlemania V, at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on April 2nd, 1989. Rick Martel was one of the top babyface wrestlers in the 1980s, even holding the AWA World Heavyweight Title for a year and a half. This marked the beginning of a heel run of some eight years for Rick Martel.

Winning And Losing The Tag Titles

Arn and Tully faced Demolition many times while in the WWF.

On July, 18th, 1989, in Worcester, Massachusetts, The Brainbusters won the tag titles from Demolition.

Arn and Tully lost the titles back to Demolition on October 2nd, 1989, in Wheeling, WV.

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