Arn Anderson's Career History
Arn Anderson's Career History

Achieving Greatness in the WWF

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Arn and Tully immediately became known as the Brainbusters in the WWF and were managed by Bobby Heenan. In a gimmick-laden WWF, Arn and Tully went against the grain and came in without a gimmick. They came to the ring in just their tights and their boots as they always had. The extent of their gimmick was pointing at their heads to remind everyone of how smart they were and their use of a spike piledriver as a finisher.

In their first major appearance, at the Survivor Series on November 24th in Richfield, Ohio, they joined Demolition, The Conquistadors, Jacques and Raymond Rougeau, and The Bolsheviks to defeat The Powers of Pain, The Rockers, The Young Stallions, The Hart Foundation, and The British Bulldogs. The Brain Busters also engaged in a memorable series of bouts with The Rockers in the early months of 1989.

One of their more memorable matches was in Wrestlemania V when the Brainbusters defeated the newly reformed Strike Force. During the match, Tito Santana accidentally elbowed Rick Martel, causing Martel to walk out on his partner. Arn and Tully then rag-tagged Tito Santana and finally ended the carnage with a spike piledriver.

Arn and Tully would go on to win the WWF World Tag Team Titles from Demolition on July 18th, 1989 in Worcester, MA. As usual, their win was controversial. They won a best-of-three-falls match against Demolition in which Ax and Smash were disqualified in the second fall. At that point, the title should no longer have been on the line. However, there had recently been a rule change in the WWF that allowed a title to change hands in a two-out-of-three fall match if the challenger won by disqualification in one fall as long as they won another fall by pinfall or submission. (Sometime later, the Hart Foundation would win a title as a result of this rule change, as well.) Then, in the third fall, the referee didnít see Blanchard slam Smash with a chair that had been given to him by Andre the Giant, who had been summoned to ringside by manager Bobby Heenan.

Arn and Tully would hold the titles until they lost them back to Demolition on October 2nd, 1989 in Wheeling, WV. In winning the titles, Arn and Tully became the first tag team ever to win both the WWF and NWA/WCW World Tag Team Titles. Many others, such as the Road Warriors, Steiners, and Nasty Boys have done it since, but Arn and Tully were the first. The highlight of their reign was defeating the Hart Foundation at Summerslam that year. Arn and Tully so dominated the tag team scene in 1989 that they would win Pro Wrestling Illustratedís Tag Team of the Year award.

The end for the Brainbusters came when Tully Blanchard failed a drug test and left the WWF. Arn left soon thereafter. Arnís last WWF appearance was as a part of The Heenan Family at the 1989 Survivor Series, teaming with Andre the Giant, Bobby Heenan, and Haku in a losing effort against The Ultimate Warriors, those being The Ultimate Warrior, the Rockers, and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. It was obvious to anyone watching that match that Arn was unhappy and somewhat lost without his partner. Arn then left the WWF after a supposed dispute with Heenan and returned to the NWA.

Because Arn spent most of his career in the NWA/WCW, and he still works for them, his year in the WWF is only remembered for winning the tag titles with Tully. However, if you'd like to see more photos from Arn's days in the WWF, click here.

A Rebirth of The Horsemen

Upon leaving the WWF, Arn returned to the NWA, now called WCW and own by Ted Turner. His reappearance is legendary. Ric Flair was involved in a momumental feud with the Great Muta who was, at the time, a member of Gary Hart's stable. Flair would continually get jumped by Hart's thugs. One night, Flair invited Hart to the ring for a "surprise". Hart arrived and said he had his own surprise and signalled for his goons once again. Flair was unusually calm. Suddenly, Arn and Ole Anderson hit the ring, house afire, and Flair and the Andersons cleaned house! The Horsemen had been reborn! Thus, the Horsemen were back with Arn, Flair, and (eventually) Sting with Ole acting as their advisor. Certainly, in this permutation of the Four Horsemen, something had to give because, in Arnís own words, "I donít like wearing a white hat".

Sting was never really comfortable with the group even after he defeated Flair in the Ironman Competition during Starrcade í89. Sting was eventually kicked out of the Horsemen for refusing to give up a title shot against Ric Flair. With that, the Horsemen were able to go back to what made them great: rulebreaking! Sid Vicious replaced Sting and Barry Windham eventually rejoined the Horsemen as well.

During this time, Arn would have two reigns as WCW television champion. The first of which was 336 days and is the longest TV title reign in WCW history. What makes this reign so remarkable is the frequency with which the TV title is defended (although there was an angle of Arn supposedly not defending it regularly), and the fact that Arn beat the Great Muta, one of the worldís toughest competitors, for the championship. During 1990, Flair and Anderson would also initiate a feud with the then NWA World Tag Team Champtions Doom (Butch Reed and Ron Simmons). Arn would eventually drop the strap to Tom Zenk but regain it a little over a month later and go on to hold it for over four months. Arn became enraged when former friend Bobby Eaton challenged him for the TV Title and Bobby would end up cleanly pinning Arn to win the title at Super Brawl '91.

Unfortunately, the Horsemen would not last long on this go round as Ric Flair left WCW in mid-1991 after failed contract negotiations. And without Flair and Arn Anderson, there are no Four Horsemen.

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