Arn Anderson
Why This World Champion Wrestler Can Help Your [Business, Mall, Gym, etc.] Thrive
Why A Pro Wrestler? Why Arn Anderson?
Pro Wrestling draws an average of 7,000,000 viewers every Monday night!! Arn Anderson is responsible for the highest rated television segment in pro wrestling history!
Pro Wrestling is responsible for over 1.87 million hits on any given Internet search! Arn Anderson is responsible for over 795,000 hits on any given Internet search!!
Pro Wrestling's audience spans across all demographic, racial, and economic lines...domestically and abroad! Click here to see pro wrestling fan demographics. Arn Anderson is recognized by thousands of people on a daily basis, and is respected by them all!
Approximately 20,000,000 people in the U.S. are pro wrestling fans! Arn Anderson has performed all over the U.S. and the world since 1982!!
Pro wrestling's popularity continues to grow! An autograph signing with Arn Anderson set the American Club Association record of most gym memberships sold in a single day!!
Available for: Autograph Signings, Grand Openings, Special Promotions, Motivational Speaking, and Charity Fundraisers!

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