Pictures From The 9/26 House Show In Fairfax, VA

Pictures From The 9/26 House Show In Fairfax, VA

Alex Wright does his dance as Chris Jericho is slumped in the corner

Alex Wright comes off the top turnbuckle for his stomp

Luger poses and is imitated by a woman a few rows in front of me

The Giant gives an avalanche to Hennig and Syxx at the same time

The Giant has Hennig in position for the chokeslam

Hall is about to nail Luger with the crutch as Luger has Syxx in the rack

Sting enters the ring as a crutch is getting broken over someone

Sting nails Savage with the bat as Savage comes off the top

Sting sets up Buff Bagwell for the Scorpion Death Drop...the people in the foreground should give you some idea of the pop Sting was incredible, I'm not a fan of this whole Crow thing, but I still get chills just thinking about the eruption that occurred when he did his thing

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