WCW House Show / PPV Results from Oberhausen, Germany - 11/16/00

WCW House Show Results / PPV from Oberhausen, Germany - 11/16/00

By Ryszard J. from Warsaw, Poland (click here to see his Polish pro wrestling site)

First of all, I gotta mention that the Millenium Final was first wrestling event that I attended so I was very excited, even though it was only WCW. They planned to open the gates at about 5:30 p.m, but an hour earlier there were more than 2000 people waiting for the opening.

The show wasn't a sellout, the highest seats were free, there was about 11.000 people in attendence.

Here are some quick results.

First Match: Tag Team
Kronik beat Rey, Jr. and Kidman w/Tygress

Second Match: 20 Man Battle Royal
Mark Jindrak, Sean O`Haire, Lance Strom, Bryan Adams, Bryan Clark, Alex Wright, Mike Awesome, General Rection, Rey Jr., Kidman, Disco, Konnan, The Cat, Sanders, Kee-Wee, Skipper, Finlay, Smiley.
Alex Wright threw the last competitor out and stood victorious, then out of nowhere came Mike Awesome and threw Wright out and was declared the winner.
Crowd started booing, showing their inappreciacion.

Third Match: Single
Kee-Wee w/Paisley beat Elix Skipper
I gotta say that I expected more from this match, especially from "Primetime"

Fourth Match : WCW US/Canadian Title
General Rection beats Lance Storm w/Major Gunns via DQ (Storm retains the title)

Fifth Match: Commisioners Match
The Cat w/Ms.Jones beat Mike Sanders
Interview: Lens Ritter came out and said that he will reveal the Mystery SuperStar, the crow started chanting GOLD-BERG GOLD-BERG (even though it was known that he wouldn't be here)
Ric Flair came out and added Alex Wright to the first contendership match for the European Cup and also made a Bavarian Hardcore Match between Fit Finlay and Norman Smiley.

Sixth Match: Bavarian Hardcore
Norman Smiley came in German-Folk gear, accompanied by the song Anton aus Tirol (HUGE hit in Germany)
Norman Smiley beat Fit Finlay

Seventh Match: WCW Tag Team Title
Alex Wright came out with a German flag and said that Disco couldn't compete here tonight but he had a replacement, and he called out General Rection (oh no!).
Wright and Rection beat Jindrak a O`Haire
We have new tag champs! Rection and Wright!

Eighth Match: World Heavyweight Title
Booker.T beat Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)

Ninth Match: 3-Way Dance
Kevin Nash beat Alex Wright and Mike Awesome

It was kinda funny, because at one point in the match, Awesome brought a table which had one half-broken leg. It took him about a minute to set it up. Then Wright put him on it VERY carefully, but the leg broke anyway. Crow started to laugh. Big Sexy came, powerbombed Wright on the table and won the match.

Tenth Match: European Cup
Sting beat Kevin Nash

The match was pretty short and Sting won it via Scorpion Deathlock. Throughout whole match there was a "WE WANT HALL" chant!

When the cameras shut off, Sting came out and thanked the crow in Oberhausen. Then for about 15 min. he went through the safety rail to greet the fans.

That's the whol F`N show. If I saw it on TV I`d say it was pretty decent, but it's a lot different when you see it live. Especially that I got High-Five from Sting myself!!

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