WCW House Show Results from Newcastle, England - 11/11/00

WCW House Show Results from Newcastle, England - 11/11/00

By Scotty of Quote The Loose Cannon

Good end to a good evening. No Harris Brothers or Rick Steiner. Mate joked they'd be in the main event as it was only a house show. Matches seemed short.

Biggest pop was for Sting, then Nash then Booker T.

Biggest heel was Steiner followed closely by Storm and Sanders.

The pyro during Goldberg and Booker T's entrances make very loud bangs. People found it amusing to bottle Scott Steiner. Apparently one hit Midajah in the head and knocked her loopy. Not very sensible, nor were the drunken arses in front of me. Could start up the debate about beer being sold at wrestling matches... Where were Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett? Vampiro's got a headache I know that but there was a load of Slapnuts guitars and T shirts sold and I wanted to see the Franchise. Had also hoped Flair would pop in to say hello.

Disappointing merchandise stand. nWo stuff!!! No Lance Storm stuff, No MIA, No Steiner, No Booker T from what I saw. But I enjoyed it, and that's what matters!

Gregor H. of Edinburgh, UK sends the following house show report:

The Good: Not a screwy finish in sight, and the faces all won apart from Jindrak and O'Haire and they are getting over. Luger... sold! He was also surprisingly good on the mic. Sting was way over and Mike Sanders was superb on the stick. A good turn out by all the big stars. Strong win by Booker T and Steiner didn't look weak doing the job.

The Bad: No Jarrett but he was back in the US awaiting the birth of his second child.

The Ugly: Nothing really! Is this WCW???

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