House Show Results from Omaha, NE - 04/14/00

House Show Results from Omaha, NE - 04/14/00

By Bill at WCW Eruption

3-Count ("Sugar" Shane Helms & Shannon Moore) vs Two-Thirds of the Jung Dragons
3-Count was the first to come out, and they drew some great heel heat from the crowd as they did their dancing routine. Both teams showed great top rope moves during the match which kind of surprised me because, at house shows I've been to, WCW seems to stay away from the high risk maneuvers. Anyway, awesome match, and a great way to kick off the show!
Winners: Jung Dragons after Kaz Hayashi pinned Shannon Moore with a Tornado-Jumping DDT (not a typo) from the third rope.

Chris "Champagne" Kanyon (with Nitro Girl Baby and Nitro Girl Chameleon) vs Brian Knobs - Hardcore Match
Before the match started, Brian Knobs added a stipulation that if he won, he would get Kanyon's two "bitches." Highlights from the match include a table brought into the ring in where Kanyon was whipped into it. Obviously, the table cutter failed to show up tonight as the table didn't even break! The match ended when Kanyon's two valets entered the ring and teased Knobs. After Kanyon's valets double low blowed Knobs, Kanyon hit Knobs over the head with the "Hollywood Title Belt."
Winner: Chris Kanyon by pinfall.

Little Jeanie vs Mona
The crowd wasn't too much into this one. They did, however, start a "Mona" chant. Towards the end of the match, TANK ABBOTT came to ringside. He grabbed the microphone and basically talked about beating innocent victims until he got a shot at Goldberg. This got a "GOLD-BERG" chant from the crowd. After Abbott was done, Mona attacked Tank! Tank then delivered his TKO punch on Mona.
Winner: Mona by Disqualification

Tank Abbott vs Barbarian
The two battled outside the ring for a while. When it got back in the ring, the match ended minutes later when Abbott used his TKO punch for the victory.
Winner: Tank Abbott by TKO (my first prediction wrong so far! - j/k)

Mamalukes (w/ Disco Inferno) vs The Harris Brothers
At the end, The Harris Brothers used their "H-Bomb" on Johnny "The Bull." Right after this, the Harris Brothers were caught in an argument with the Disco Inferno. As this was going on, Big Vito came in the ring, and replaced his partner with himself as he played possum. When one of the Harris Twins went for the pin, Big Vito countered it into a rollup, and the 1, 2, 3.
Winners: Mamalukes

Dustin Rhodes vs Terry Funk
Before the match started, Funk got on the stick, and made homosexual remarks to Rhodes. However, in the middle of the match, things became even more sexually disturbing! When Dustin was in the corner, Terry Funk pulled down his pants, and rubbed his ass in Dustin Rhodes's face! I hope I didn't paint a visual picture in your mind of that! Anyway, the match ended after Dustin's chair shot onto Funk was countered, and Funk got the pinfall.
Winner: Terry Funk (pinfall)

The New Bloods (Kidman, Booker, and Buff Bagwell) vs The Millionaire Club (Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair)
The match went by really quick, and had a very disappointing ending. Lex Luger was supposed to start the match, but the fans went so nuts for Sting that Sting just had to start off the match. After all, Sting was born in Omaha, NE! Anyway, Sting kicked ass most the time. After tagging in Ric Flair, Sting and Luger battled Bagwell and Booker on the outside; the referee left the ring and tried to break up the fight at ringside. As this was going on, Flair strapped the figure-four onto Kidman. While the referee was still distracted, Shane Douglas came out, and knocked out Flair with a chain wrapped around his fist. Kidman then pinned Flair for the win.
Winners: The New Bloods after Kidman pinned Flair.

Overall, I thought the show was pretty good! It's a lot more fun to enjoy when the fans are more into it - this time, they were! As every other damn mark who attends a house show and sends in a report, I guess I'll give you the "who's hot, who's not" results...

Biggest Cheers:

  1. Sting - he's always cheered the loudest in this town!
  2. Mamalukes - "Cheap charisma points" always help! If you can't be cheered, always compliment the town! Nothing against the Mamalukes, though. They're two of my favorite personalities in wrestling.
  3. Jung Dragons - Mainly because the crowd hated 3-Count.
Heel Heat:
  1. The New Bloods
  2. Disco Inferno
  3. 3-Count - I find their dancing to be very comical, but it didn't go well with the crowd; especially their encore!
I just decided to add this for, really, no reason, accept that I'm sending it in to DDT Digest.

The Good: 3-Count vs Jung Dragons - great match!
The Bad: The way the main event ended. It went by too fast, and Luger and Flair wrestled for about a minute a piece.
The Ugly: Terry Funk rubs his bare ass in Dustin Rhodes face! (ugh!) and, breaking a little tradition...
The Beautiful: Torrie Wilson!!! A few hours before the event started, and a group of friends and I had the chance to meet Torrie Wilson, and that other guy, Kidman. Anyway, after tonight, I declare Torrie Wilson the most beautiful human being to ever walk God's green earth! Just the way she smiles is just...indescribable! Plus, she finished off signing her picture I had with a "Love, Torrie" followed by an "XOX"! What an awesome moment! Another note, my friend Ryan (who took a camera along to the autograph section) wanted a picture taken with him and Torrie Wilson. He gave me his camera, and I took the picture. Moments later, I started to think about my "big camera snap", and I realized that only professional photographers have had the opportunity to take pictures of the gorgeous Torrie Wilson, and here I am on the same level (well, pretty damn close for that matter) as them! Maybe I'm making too big of a deal about this, but, damnit, I have dreams!

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