House Show Results from Pittsburgh, PA - 03/31/00

House Show Results from Pittsburgh, PA - 03/31/00

By Joe K.

Well, having sat through a WCW house show, I felt the need to share my experience with the few people left that still watch it, so here is what happened:

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Fit Finlay for the WCW TV Title. After a ton of stalling to start to gain crowd heat, the two have a fairly poor match that ends when Finlay picks up a chair, turns around, and has Duggan hit the chair into his face with the 2x4. Duggan drops the knee and gets the pin. The crowd was into this.

Shannon Moore and Shane Helms (w/Evan Karagias) vs. Kaz and Jamie-san. These two teams had a good high-flying match that ended when Evan was small packaged for the pin when he interfered. The ref turned around after being distracted and counted the pin.

The Maestro (w/Symphony) made MikeJonesVirgilVincentShaneorwhatevertheyarecallinghimnow submit to a Cobra Clutch.

Following this, Ernest Miller came out and had a match with the Maestro that was unbelievably long and boring. Miller won with a Superkick and did not dance afterwards, which bothered me.

In the worst match of the night, the remnants of the Varsity Club, Rick Steiner and Mike Rotunda, "wrestled" the Mamalukes. This match totally killed the crowd, and was just awful all around. Johnny played Ricky Morton, which was an unwise choice. The Varsity Club's work was rife with restholds, which was inexcusable. If you are tired, tag out! ...Sorry about that. I feel the need to vent after being subjected to such horrors. Anyways, after what seemed like an eternity, and must have been at least 8-10 minutes, Vito rolled up Rick for the win.

The final match before intermission was Brian Knobs vs. The Demon, who came out to "Rock and Roll All Nite." They had a pitiful "Hardcore" title match which included broom handles, plastic garbage cans, and padded steel chairs. The finish came when Knobs whipped the Demon into a table in the corner, THAT DID NOT BREAK, and then rolled him up to retain. If you are going to bring a table into a match, you better break it.

To end intermission, Fatboy Monday Nitro, Mark Madden came out to work the crowd. He introduced Miss Hancock, who did a brief dance before getting pulled out of the ring by a WCW person.

Following intermission, David Flair (w/Daffney), came down and got a fair pop. David was the sacrificial lamb for the Wall, who won with AAAAAAHHHHHTHECHOKESLAM!

At the beginning of the night, David Penzer informed us of the Cruiserweight Title switch last night. So for one night, we got to see Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman. Sounds nice, eh? In any case, Kidman (w/ Torrie) lost to the Artist (w/ Paisley) after his weak DDT from the second rope, although he actually hit most of it this time. The Artist regains the CW Title.

After this, Torrie and Paisley had what some would call a catfight. Then, Kidman and Torrie challenged their opponents to a mixed tag match. The Artist and Paisley walked out after a few minutes. Eventually, Paisley came back in. Meanwhile, Kidman tore the ref shirt off of the red-haired-fellow and was defacto ref. Torrie took Paisley down, and Kidman made a fast 3 count to give her the win.

Vampiro vs. Lex Luger (w/ Liz) was next. Flair came out and interfered, which brought out Sting, to the biggest pop of the night. Hence, it turned into a tag match.

The match was decent, as it saw Flair cheat very excessively. The end came when Sting had Flair in the Figure Four, and Vampiro came off the top rope with a cross-body block on Luger, which got the pin.

Overall, the event started well, got verrrrryyyy slllllooooooow in the middle, and ended on a high note.

Oh, attendance was pitiful, by the way.

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