WCW House Show Results from Hamburg, Germany - 02/11/00

WCW House Show Results from Hamburg, Germany - 02/11/00

Sent in by too many people to list

Jaceck and Stinger send the following arena report:

We came to the arena about two hours before the show, and there was already many people waiting to get in. The show was sold out. 6,000 people came to see the WCW show, it's unusual in USA now, but if you live in Europe you should be happy if there is at least one show from big 2 near you. Like I've said before, the show was sold out, and the crowd was really HOT. At the beginning, the Nitro girls came out: Skye, Spice and Tygress. They danced for a while and the show started.

Booker T. vs Dustin Rhodes
Pretty good match. Dustin first came out to mixed reaction, but when he showed the finger to Booker he got instant heat. Booker controlled most of the match, he hit a Urinage and Missile Dropkick. After a few minutes, Stevie Ray came out,and attacked his brother, he tried to hit him with a slapjack, but Booker ducked, and Stevie hit Dustin, allowing Booker to get the pin.

Brian Knobbs vs Norman Smiley.
Knobbs recieved the biggest heat of the night.This was a typical WCW hardcore match with lots of junk in the ring. During the match Knobbs grabbed the mic and talked how he hates Hamburg's crowd, and stuff like that. Norman won when he whipped Brian into the ladder.

Terry Funk vs David Flair (with Daphney)
The main attraction of this match was Daphney, because she was screaming very loud. Nothing special in this match, lots of brawling. Funk executed Piledriver on Daphney. David tried to put Figure Four on Terry, but Funk turned this into the small package and won the match.

After this match Jarrett came out,he talked some smack about Hamburg fans to get heat. Then he started to talk to Kemper (German commentator), who translated everything to German. Because we're not German. we didn't understand anything (we're from Poland), except that he will face Sid in the main event, and that there will be a surprise.

Scott Hall vs Fit Finlay.
Very boring match. Many restholds, Finlay dominated most of the match. Hall wanted to execute Outsider's Edge, but Fit escaped and hit reversed Samoan drop for the win. Who booked this crap??? The most interesting fact, was that Penzer said that this match has got a 3 minute time limit, and it lasted about ten.

After an intermission, Nitro Girls came out to dance. And then Penzer announced "The best there is, the best there was, and the best that ever will be". Hitman came out to the biggest pop of the night. He said that he is sorry that he can't compete tonight. He said that Hamburg fans are the best crowd in the world. He thanked for the support he recieved after Owen's death,and said that he want to have his last match here.

The Wall vs Jim Duggan
We were getting beer during that fight. Duggan won. The funniest moment was when crowd started to chant "USA, USA, USA". That was really wierd.

Berlyn vs Vampiro
When I saw Vampiro sitting backstage during Berlyn's entrance, I was mad that he would be jobbing to Alex. But I was surprised when I heard many boos during Berlyn's entrance. He got even more boos when he started to talk some smack in German, about how he is great, and that we shouldn't cheer for that American athlete (of course he forgot that Vampiro is from Canada). That was the best match of the night. Berlyn hit a powerbomb on Vampiro on the entrance way, and won after reversed neckbreaker.

Mamalukes vs Harris Brothers
Nothing special in this match. Miss Hancock showed up during the match. Mamalukes won.

Sid vs Jeff Jarrett
During the match, Jarrett attacked the ref.,Harris Twins made a run-in. Theye attacked Sid who executed a double clothesline on them. Jarrett hit Sid with a guitar and covered him. Ref was still laying unconcious, so Mark (Mike) Johnson ran in and started to count, 1-2-3. Right after this, Sting ran from the backstage, and together with Sid they cleared the ring. We heard Penzer saying that the winner AND new champion is Jarrett, but we read results on many pages, and they've said that Sid won the match. I really don't know who won it. I'm confused.

During the event we saw two funny signs: "Who is old, fat and gay all over - Mike Tenay" and "Scott Hall marry me". The funniest thing was that Hall saw that second sign and talked to girl holding it.
Maybe the wrestling wasn't too great, but it's totally different when you're watching the show live. It was great. I know that WCW will be in Germany again in November, and we're sure that we will go again.

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