WCWSN/Worldwide Taping Results from Cape Girardeau, MO - 01/19/00

WCWSN/Worldwide Taping Results from Cape Girardeau, MO - 01/19/00

By James R. at Southern Illinois University

Hey, chief, I've got another Cape Girardeau, MO taping report for you. First, a couple of notes. One is that my friend and I were corralled by a "scalper" as we went to the ticket booth. Turns out he had gotten some free tickets in the $20 range. So he sold us a couple for $10 each! Geez, I'm using all of my luck way too early this year.

About the crowd, man there were a ton of empty areas. So we moved down closer to the ring. We're on the side of the ring directly opposite to the entrance, only about 4 or 5 rows up in the riser. And there was some really obnoxious guy in the front row who kept ranting at various wrestlers and he was really on Nick Patrick's case. To the point where security talked to him for a minute or so. Also, Doug Dillinger confiscated someone's sign. I think it said something about "I'm High 3:16". Oh yeah, we actually got to see a few "main eventers". Anyways on to the matches.

We started the show with a performance from 3-Count. Why me? They actually went all the way through the song, and then started again! Mercifully, somebody cut the music and they left the ring. New ring announce guy, BTW. Where's David Penzer when you need him?

Disco Inferno vs. Ricky or Robbie Rage??
Ref: Mickey J

The announcer mentioned that the tag titles had changed hands the night before, and Disco & the Goons came out w/Disco carrying the belts. His opponent was one half of some team I've never seen before, hence the confusion on the name. Both guys look alike with whitish hair, white T-shirts, and no talent. Disco wins with the Last Dance.

Buzzkill vs. "Wildcat" Chris ?
Ref: Nick Patrick

Fans seemed to be behind this "Wildcat" guy, but I know who the real talent was in this match. Quite a few "Road Dogg" shouts in this one from the crowd. Buzzkill wins with the Side Russian Leg Sweep.

David Flair & Crowbar vs. PG-13
Ref: Billy Silverman

Man, David & Crowbar are over. They got about the fourth loudest pop of the night. And speaking of loud, I can still hear Daphne's screaming. A good match with Crowbar hitting a springboard moonsault on both PGers. JC then clocked him with a hubcap, but while the ref got him out, David drilled Wolfie with the crowbar for the win.

Meng vs. Fidel Sierra
Ref: Slick Johnson

Meng got a pretty good reaction too. A typical Meng match with the Tongan Death Grip for the win.

Chuck Palumbo? (Jungle Boy) vs. Mike Sanders?
Ref: Mickey J

Our first Power Plant match of the night, I believe. Chuck's got potential, but the was a pretty bad screw up in this one. Chuck was, I guess, supposed to get crotched on the top rope from the belly-to-back position, but there was miscommunication and he wound up going to the floor. He did win with the top rope shoulderblock, though.

God, why me? 3-Count came out AGAIN to sing, but this time we had a savior. Lex Luger! Him and Liz came out and the crowd went nuts. He told 3-Count to leave or else. They opted for or else.:) And then the crowd violently turned against Luger, I'm sorry, the Total Package, when he started ripping on Sting. He even made mention of Sting's old look with the neon colors and chest beating, and saying how the fans not only killed Luger, but they killed Sting as well. What I could hear of this speech actually was pretty interesting.

Barbarian vs. Tracy Smothers
Ref: Nick Patrick

Another fairly short match, which did see Smothers get in some offense before falling to the Kick of Fear.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr. vs. Scott Armstrong
Ref: Slick Johnson

Remember that fan I mentioned. Well I'm pretty sure this is the match that got security to talk to him, because he was really getting on Scott's case. Anyways, a fair match with Chavo winning via Tornado DDT. Oh yeah, he had the briefcase still.

La Parka & Silver King vs. Villano IV & V
Ref: Billy Silverman

My match of the night! God, I love these guys. All sorts of high flying moves including Silver King's double jump moonsault to the floor, followed by La Parka's corkscrew body attack over the top to the floor. One Villano also hit the Diamond Dust move that Masato Tanaka uses, sort of a somersault Diamond Cutter off the top rope. The Villanos have also used it before. A truly great match, with La Parka getting the win with the corkscrew body attack off the top rope.

Frankie Lancaster vs. Al Green
Ref: Nick Patrick

Green won with a top rope crossbody (I think.)

Bobby Walker vs. Barry Horowitz
Ref: Slick Johnson

Walker won with a rather impressive rope-walk clothesline.

Demon vs. Rick Cornell
Ref: Mickey J

Yes, that's right, the Demon is back. It isn't Brian Adams this time however. I've heard it's Dale Torborg. Well, whoever it is, he's pretty frickin' big. Even stepped over the top rope. His belt started sliding around his body though, so they tried to correct that later. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself. Demon wins with a cobra-clutch slam, or maybe a full-nelson slam, I couldn't quite tell.

Elix Skipper vs. Sonny Siaki
Ref: Nick Patrick

Another Power Plant match. And a pretty damn fine one at that. Siaki played around with some glowing sticks before the match (think Steve Blackman). Both of these guys really impressed me with some good chain wrestling and creative moves. Siaki won it with the Tomikaze. And speak of the devil...

Tommy Rogers vs. Kid Romeo
Ref: Slick Johnson

Well, what do you know, here's the inventor of the Tomikaze (if I'm not mistaken), Mister Rogers himself. Decent match. Kid Romeo botched a move I believe. Romeo won with a sunset flip out of the corner.

Vito & Johnny the Bull w/Disco Inferno vs. Robbie Williams? & Ashley Hudson?
Ref: Mickey J

For the second time in a row, I got to see the first title defense for a new tag team championship team. Back in May, Raven & Saturn had just won the titles & Cape was their first defense. But who in the heck are Williams & Hudson and how in the name of all that is holy did they get a title match??!!??
Williams had a boomerang and seemed like he was supposed to be from Australia & Hudson was some bald, stocky black dude. Not a bad match, but still. The champs retain with that spinning, lifting DDT that Vito uses.

Steven Regal vs. Rob ?
Ref: Nick Patrick

I really wish that WCW would do something about this, because I was getting a little annoyed with all these guys that I'd never seen before and couldn't hear their names. Rob whatever was in good shape and was obviously the crowd favorite, because of the whole foreign opponent aspect. Lots of "USA" chants, you'd have thought Hacksaw was in the ring. Okay match with Lord Steven getting the duke (bad pun, sorry) with a wicked Rude Awakening style neckbreaker. Looked like Rob might have actually been hurt a little.

Rick Cornell vs. Mark Jindrak
Ref: Billy Silverman

Jindrak's gimmick really sucks, but made for the most fun of the evening. His basketball was left at ringside by the guardrail and a bunch of guys behind me kept screaming for somebody to steal the ball. Hilarious.
Oh yeah, the match. Cornell won with a move kind of like what the Hardy Boys use. He started in the Scorpion Death Drop position and spun Jindrak over into a Diamond Cutter. Cool looking move.

Lash LeRoux vs. Kaz Hayashi
Ref: Slick Johnson

Another excellent match. Lash teased throwing some of his necklaces into the audience, but decided not too. Too bad, I might have been able to get one if he threw it hard enough. And I wonder why he didn't? Maybe because Siaki threw his little glow sticks into the audience before his match. But anyway...a lot of good, crisp moves in this one. Lash hit the Bourbon Street Blues, but Kaz went to the apron and hit a Slingshot DDT to win it.

Adrian Byrd vs. Al Green
Ref: Mickey J

Long story short, Al won for the second time tonight, this time with an over the shoulder slam, I think. I was distracted by a couple of good looking chicks walking past. I wonder if Al is going to get another title match, what with two wins in a row.:)

Norman Smiley vs. Dave Burkhead
Ref: Nick Patrick

The announcer had been saying that Norman would be wrestling all night long, and finally he appeared. Man the crowd went nuts! They'd been chanting for him off and on all night. Norman was wearing a SEMO jersey, kickboxer headgear, and a huge cup. He not only gave us the little wiggle, but the big wiggle (on Burkhead no less) as well! After he won with the Norman Conquest, he tried to get Nick to so the big wiggle with him, but Nick turned down the offer.

Bobby Eaton vs. Demon
Ref: Slick Johnson

It's sad to see Bobby reduced to jobbing to such a lame gimmick, but ya' gotta feed the family somehow, right? Anyways, Demon had some sort of armwrap/shoulderpad type thing on his left arm that was attached to his belt. Trying to keep it from sliding around I guess. Demon won with what I believe was the same move as before, but again I wasn't quite sure. Oh yeah, and he pinned both guys using an Undertaker-esque arm crossing over the chest deal. Lame.

Texas Outlaws vs. those guys from the first match (Rages)
Ref: Billy Silverman

Again, I'm not sure about these two guys names. All I am sure of is that the Hangme...Disorder...Outlaws won with the Hangman's Neckbreaker/Double Sledge off the top rope combo. They then made the mistake of talking smack about Sid.

Sid vs. Texas Outlaws
Ref:Billy Silverman

The ring announcer had been hyping Sid's appearance all night, so here was the final match. Basically Sid came out, double-clotheslined them, chokeslammed one & powerbombed the other for the win. He then talked about how he would win the World Title Monday on Nitro after going through Jarrett & Nash. And yes, this was the loudest pop of the night.

A couple of really good signs were "Benoit Was Robbed" & "Bring Back Fyre".

So this time, I got an even better bargain for my money. 22 matches, 2 interviews, and some unnecessary singing for $10. Excellent. And I'm outta here.

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