House Show Results from Oakland, CA, 10/22/99

House Show Results from Oakland, CA, 10/22/99

By James V. of Hayward, CA

WCW came back to Oakland, California Friday night, for the first time since SuperBrawl. The main match advertised was a tag team event between Ric Flair and Bret Hart vs. Sting and the Total Package (to be referred to as Lex, Luger, or any number of derogatory pet names from here on out). Actually, the card read like this:

Well, of all those, five of them went as announced. Some of them also went a bit out of order, so it was a little confusing on occasion when you compare it to the set-in-stone cards the pay-per-views have. The Good: Aside from a match or two, I think we got a PPV-quality card. That's definitely a plus for a house show in my book. I think all of the matches had some good spots, and they did a pretty good job in them.
Everyone put on a good show. The appearance by the Outsiders was an added bonus, and it was great finally seeing the Hitman live and in person for the first time. That he's back to being a face and popular with the fans made it that much sweeter. Might be one of the few remaining chances to do that.
Also, the no-show by DJ Ran was a plus, though I have to admit he probably would've helped during the intermission.

The Bad: The screw-job endings. Out of the seven matches held, only two of them ended cleanly, with no interference whatsoever. Even still, the main event ended a little too quickly for my tastes, though it was a pretty good one. At least it didn't have any stalling. Sorry, but the Nitro Girls were just a waste of time. I was also reminded why I don't like floor-level seating. If I wasn't as tall as I am, it would've sucked. No Goldberg was a little disappointing, too. Would've been nice to see he and Sid at least stare each other down or see him help Booker out. What would've been really nice would've been a run-in by Stevie Ray and an impromptu tag match between Harlem Heat and Sid & Steiner. I feel...unfulfilled that I didn't get to hear "Fruit Booty."

The Ugly: Nothing really comes to mind, though me when I got home wasn't a good sight considering the sore throat and flu I've got.

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