House Show Results from Oklahoma City, OK, 10/03/99

House Show Results from Oklahoma City, OK, 10/03/99

Report from Randy M. of Choctaw, OK:

When we got to the arena my friend and I watched some of the wrestlers enter the arena. We saw Goldberg, Sid, Arn Anderson, Berlyn, and the First Family. Arn didn't make an appearance so I guess he was there for booking.

Before the show

Match 1 - Prince Iaukea vs. Evan Courageous

After the match Sid came out, powerbombed Evan, and did his usual Goldberg spiel.

Match 2 - Villanos vs. Silver King and El Dandy

Match 3 - Jerry Flynn vs. Perry Saturn

The Revolution made the save for Saturn and Dean Malenko got the mic and hyped up the crowd pretty well. He challenged the FF to a six-man tag match. The FF accepted.

Match 4 - Saturn, Malenko, and Benoit vs. Flynn, Morrus, and Knobbs


Match 5 - Berlyn vs. Buff Bagwell

Match 6 - Kendall Windham and Curly Bill vs. Harlem Heat

Match 7 - Sid Vicious vs. Goldberg

This was the first wrestling event I have attended and I must say I had a great time. It was really cool seeing all my favorite wrestling stars here in my home town. The seats we had weren't that great but we were sitting by where the wrestlers' entrance way. I got a close look at a lot of them. The most awesome moment of the night had to be when Goldberg speared Rick Steiner followed by Benoit's Diving Headbutt. Everybody in OKC was ready for wrestling and it showed. The crowd was really good and it just heightened the experience. I can't wait until WCW comes back to Oklahoma City.

Biggest Pops:

Biggest Heat:

Brett T.'s report:

I wonder if WCW will return to OKC -- the lights and sound quality at our Myriad Convention Center Arena were very poor. On the other hand, this gave us an excuse not to listen to Sid.;-)

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