House Show Results from Louisville, KY, 09/18/99

House Show Results from Louisville, KY, 09/18/99

By Ray Z. from Louisville

1. Chavo Guerrero, Jr. defeats Kaz Hayashi
Kaz draws decent heel heat, and Chavo looks to be having a good time. Chavo wins the match when he counters a back drop with the tornado DDT. Nice little match.

2. Mona defeats Brandi Alexander, with Asya
Crowd seemed to like the ladies match, with a big reaction when Mona took off her evening gown-type skirt. Mona wins when Brandy hits the cross-body block off the top turnbuckle, but Mona rolls through for the roll-up pin.

3. Dean Malenko, with Shane Douglas defeats Steven Regal with Dave Taylor
Crowd really popped for the Revolution, finishing the catch phrase right on cue. Very nice back and forth scientific match, with two excellent workers, till the semi-schmozz finish. Taylor whacks Douglas with the flagpole on the floor after a ref bump. Regal then tries to hold Dean while Taylor pulls back with the flag, but Douglas makes the save, and Malenko clocks Regal with the flag and holds him down for the pin. Not bad at all.

4. Kidman defeats Juvi
Crowd really into this match. Lots of the usual Kidman/Juvy spots, with each one teasing their finishers but getting crotched on the top turnbuckle. The finish came when they were jockeying for position on the top buckle, and Kidman did a neat little sunset flip/powerbomb maneuver and held on the the three-count. Nice match, but I was disappointed at no 450 or shooting star press.

5. Chris Benoit defeats The Barbarian, in a World TV Title defense
Benoit's opponent was scheduled to be Ric Flair. With Flair's problems with Bischoff, I thought he would not be there. Then, when he returned to TV, I thought he would be back. Then, when the time comes, we get Barbarian instead. *sigh* The crowd loves Benoit, and he sells Barbarian's power moves like crazy, then when Barbarian goes for a suplex, Benoit spins through for the Crippler Cross-face out of nowhere for the submission win. Would have much much much preferred Flair. *sigh*

6. Konnan/Rey Rey defeat the Windhams, with Curt Hennig
Pretty typical Konnan/Rey spots, with typical heel moves from the Rednecks. The Windhams use their size and power advantages over Rey, till he gets the hot tag to Konnan. Konnan and Barry dump out to the outside, and Rey gets the advantage over Kendall and goes for the Broncobuster. However, Hennig gets the cowbell in on Rey as he hits the buster, and Kendall rolls up Rey. Then, with the ref over with Konnan and Barry, Kidman runs in and flips the rollup, just in time for the ref to count it down. Crowd had great heel heat for the Rednecks (although they did sing along to Rap Is Crap) and a great response to Rey and Konnan too. And Hennig played to the crowd like a champ.

7. Goldberg defeats U.S. Champion Sid Vicious in a non-title match
Two questions: How can you have a run-in DQ ending for the main event of a house show? AND, Why do you bother announcing that the match is non-title if you're gonna schmozz the ending anyway? I really thought that they would have a clean pin for Goldberg over Sid, under the "if it doesn't happen on TV it didnt count" rule, especially when Penzer said the match was NOT for the US strap. But it was not to happen. The crowd popped like crazy for Sid, and they went bananas for Goldy. Sid stalled like crazy throughout. They actually had a little psychology in the match, with Sid getting the headlock on GB, GB tossing him off to the ropes, and Sid selling GB's power on the collision coming off the ropes. Sid sold the crash a little more every time, with GB taking Sid off his feet to a big pop after that. Sid offers the Test of Strength to GB, then stalls some more, after which GB holds his own hand up for the lockup. The action picked up after that, with GB getting the over-the-shoulder powerslam on Sid, then setting up for the Spear. Then Rick Steiner runs in for the DQ, to the huge disappointment of the fans. Sid goes for the powerbomb, but GB gets the nut shot on Sid to escape. Sid tumbles out, and GB nails Steiner with the Spear and Jackhammer.

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