House Show Results from San Francisco, CA, 08/20/99

House Show Results from San Francisco, CA, 08/20/99

By Mark H., webmaster of

I just got back from the WCW House Show at the Cow Palace in SF and all I can say is wow, what a show! The place was about 3/4 full and extremely loud.

First off, things were set up in an odd way. Next to the curtain, on the floor, was DJ Ran, who only played during the intermission. The ring had the old old WCW apron (old logo and then World Championship Wrestling next to it) and the table with the bell and Penzer was set up right next to the ring like in the old days. The lighting was also very poor.

Penzer came out at the start, said who was there, ground rules, and then said there should be a very special surprise that night (which there was). Some DJ from LIVE 105 came out but I couldn't hear what she said because the boos were deafening. Nitro Girls (Chae, Spice, AC Jazz, and Storm) came out and danced to an OK pop. Of the eight matches advertised in the program only one happened as planned.

And that was the first match, Chris Adams vs. The Cat with Sonny Onoo. The Cat came out first and did all his redneck stuff to a huge chorus of boos. Then came Adams to another chorus of boos. Miller said if he didn't beat Adams in under five minutes he'd never come back to SF. A slow match with the Cat trying to leave at one point. Onoo got in his share of interference. After about 10 minutes. Miller got the win with his Feliner kick. Cat asked Penzer to give the time, but as soon as Penzer started The Cat said it didn't matter and then left.

Next match saw Disorderly Conduct vs. Nasty Knobbs and The Barbarian. Surprisingly, The First Family got a major face reaction including a few "Nas-ty" chants. Barbarian was the face in peril. Hot tag to Knobbs. A few punches, elbows, and then a splash from the top to end it. After Knobbs won, Sid came out and powerbombed Mean Mike and Tuff Tom, claiming that was two more victories. He gave pretty much the same interview he always gives on TV (in the year 2000 they'll only chant one name, Goldberg sucks, yada yada yada).

As soon as Flair's music hit everyone went crazy. When everyone saw it was David Flair (by himself) the boos came raining down. Buff Bagwell came out next to a huge pop. Because of a stipulation Buff had to have one arm tied behind his back. After Mickey Jay did that, David got on the stick and said he could untie him because David Flair could beat Buff even with two hands. Flair then flexed which caused Buff to fall down laughing. Flair did great playing the crowd often asking fat boy to shut up and actually didn't wrestle too poorly. Buff won with the Blockbuster after about 5 minutes. Very entertaining.

Out of no where comes Bret Hart's music and he walks out in street clothes. He said something to the effect of, "I'm still thinking about what I'm gonna do like I was a few months ago, but there's one thing I want to do before I retire. That one thing? Wrestle Hogan. I thought I'd pack up my tights, fly to SF, and fight Hogan in a non-title match for the Cow Palace!" The place went nuts. Penzer said he'd tell us later if that match was confirmed.

Curt Hennig and the West Texas Rednecks came out for the fourth match. Hennig was in street clothes and BW, Kendall, and Duncum in tights. Next out was Chavo, Eddie, Rey Mysterio, and Konnan to Rey's music. Konnan did his shtick and then stayed on the outside as a manager. Hennig managed the Rednecks. Filthy Animals were very clearly the faces. A great match with Rey doing most of the work. After everything broke down, Rey went for the Rough Rider on Kendall but was hit by the cowbell. Kendall lifted him up for a powerslam when Eddie came off the top with a missile dropkick, knocking both Kendall and Rey over, and letting Rey win. Great match. Rednecks looked shocked that they lost and then finally left.

Intermission time. During the intermission DJ Ran played a lot of music (Walk This Way, Enter Sandman, Wild Wild West, Bawitaba, Nookie, and others). Nitro Girls danced again to Rock and Roll All Nite this time. Penzer announced Hogan agreed to the match with Hart and that would be our main event.

Rick Steiner was next. Goldberg crushed him. Goldberg didn't get as big of a pop as you think he would. Nowhere near to Hogan's.

Sid and Sting followed. Sid stalled for a very very long time. Sting did most of the offense. At one point Sid tried to leave and made it back right before he was counted out. Towards the end, Sid grabbed Penzer's chair and came into the ring. He was going to hit Sting when Nick Patrick stopped him. Sid was going to hit Patrick but Sting grabbed the chair (Sting couldn't reach it and had to jump to get it which I thought was funny) and hit Sid with it. Bell rang, DQ. Sid walked away and then Sting did also. Sid then grabbed Sting and took him back to the ring. Match was re-started. Sid had Sting on his shoulder and charged toward the turnbuckle. Sting slid down his back and Death Dropped him for the win. The place went nuts again.

The main event was next. Hart came out first to a smaller than deserved pop. Hogan then blew the roof off when he came out. A better match than it really should have been going about 10 minutes. At the start the people were leaning towards Hogan but by the end most were for Hart. One scary moment was when Hogan was ramming his right knee on Hart's back and then fell clutching his left (the hurt one). He shook it off and continued. After a chinlock Hogan hulked up. Couple punches, big boot, and then the legdrop. Hart rolled out of the way in time though to a huge pop. He put Hogan in the Sharpshooter! The place was going crazy. Hogan powered out of the Sharpshooter and the place popped huge again. Since it was a main event there had to be interference so Sid and Rick Steiner came out to do their duty. Sting came out for the save and he with Hart and Hogan started to beat on the heels. Then came the West Texas Rednecks(?!) to beat up the faces. Goldberg charged the ring and the pop was unbelievable. It was an absolute deafening pop. Goldberg hit a few spears on the Rednecks and the faces reigned supreme. They stood in the ring for a while and Hart and Hogan embraced. The faces then walked around shaking hands, Hart around the ring, Hogan and Sting at the ramp, Goldberg by the entrance. It was great.

So, to recap: Cat beat Adams by pinfall; Knobbs and Barbarian beat Disorderly Conduct by pinfall; Sid powerbombed Disorderly Conduct and said he's the Millennium Man; Buff beat David Flair by pinfall; Hart challenged Hogan for the main event; Rey, Chavo, and Eddie beat The West Texas Rednecks by pinfall; Intermission; Goldberg beat Rick Steiner by pinfall: Sid beat Sting by DQ; Sting beat Sid by pinfall; Hart and Hogan went to a no contest.

A great show with Bret Hart bringing everything to a different level. I was impressed by the pops garnished by the stars. Sid was cheered against Disorderly Conduct but booed against the faces which I found odd. I guess he's a situational heel. This House Show was much more exciting than Super Brawl. I like the House Show environment more with people out there having fun and everybody grabbing the stick when the want instead of on Nitro where you play everything to the cameras. I can't wait until WCW comes back to the Bay Area on October 22.

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