House Show Results from Cedar Rapids, IA, 08/04/99

House Show Results from Cedar Rapids, IA, 08/04/99

By Bill J.


I attended last night's WCW House Show at the Five Seasons Center in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Attendance: About 1,500-2,000 (estimated)

Match #1: Lucha Libre Tag Team Match

It was supposed to be a six man tag match, but ended up to be Silver King and Lizmark vs. La Parka and Ciclope. Pretty good match for the lucha libres. A lot of dancing from La Parka. He did his chair guitar thing. Not sure what happened, but La Parka and Ciclope won.

Winner: La Parka and Ciclope

Match #2: Vampiro vs. Steven Regal

Again, it was supposed to be "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Dave Taylor, but, Vampiro came out to my surprise and faced Steven Regal instead. Vampiro did a good job of getting the crowd cheering. Regal just made the match go very long. Interference by Dave Taylor a couple times in the match. But, Vampiro ended up pinning Regal after a short powerbomb.

Winner: Vampiro

Match #3: Scotty Riggs vs. Saturn

Riggs came out first with a mixed reaction of heat and cheers. Then Saturn came out. He received a loud pop. Riggs got on the mic first and started talking about his good looks. Saturn then got on the mic and said that he wanted to kick Riggs' ass. Match went back and forth. Then Saturn picked up Riggs in the Death Valley Driver and got the three count.

Winner: Saturn

Match #4: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Disco Inferno

It was supposed to be Fit Finlay vs. Disco Inferno, but since Finlay is injured, Duggan took his place. Disco came out first. He got a lot of heat. He got on the mic and talked about ugly women. Then Duggan came out. He received a HUGE pop. A lot of "OOHs's", thumbs-ups, and USA chants. Duggan seemed to control most of the match. Duggan kept the crowd cheering with the USA chants. Crowd cheered out, "Disco sucks!". Disco tried to put the Last Dance on Duggan, but Duggan blocked it, then Duggan did his Old Glory Knee Drop. Duggan wins. I thought this was one of the best matches.

Winner: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan


Match #5: Tag Team Match- Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kidman vs. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko

Best match of the night. Everybody shook hands at the beginning. Malenko controlled Mysterio most of the match. Malenko and Benoit did excellent tagging in and out. Soon Mysterio got to the corner to tag Kidman. Kidman took out both Benoit and Malenko. Then the match went back and forth. Mysterio tried the Bronco Buster on Malenko but Malenko stuck his foot out and caught Mysterio down low. Kidman tried his finishing move off the top rope, but Benoit swept the feet out from under him. Benoit attempted the Crippler Crossface, but Kidman broke it up. Then somehow Mysterio got the pin on Malenko. Couldn't see how it ended.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. and Kidman

Match #6: Special Non-Title Challenge Match- Buff Bagwell vs. David Flair

Bagwell was supposed to wrestle one armed, with his other arm tied behind his back, but he broke it and then we had a normal match. Bagwell totally controlled David Flair. Bagwell suplexed David and got the three count pin. This match was very short.

Winner: Buff Bagwell

Match #7: Main Event - Booker T. vs. Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious came out first with some music. Received a lot of heat. Booker T. then came out. Huge Pop! Match went back and forth. Sid put a reverse chin-lock on Booker. Booker broke out thanks to the crowd cheering, "Sid sucks!" Then Sid with the Big Boot. Then Booker rolled up Sid for the win. Sid tried to get Booker back into the ring to wrestle again, but Booker just left.

Overall, a good WCW House Show. I'm glad I paid my 15 bucks for my 7th row seat.

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