House Show Results from Shreveport, LA, 07/02/99

House Show Results from Shreveport, LA, 07/02/99

By George B. from Shreveport, LA

Match 1
Kaz (I borrowed Glacier's costume and I look like a Ninja Turtle wannabe) vs. Prince (Nackamacky, my tribute to Jericho) Iaukea.
Actually a few good moves. Kaz did a jump over the top rope into a DDT, great move. Kaz kept beating the Prince who used to be from Tonga now hails from Hawaii. Prince barely came back with the cross body block off the top rope for the pin.

Match 2
Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. Gentleman Chris Adams
The Cat carried on about how he is the greatest, some wrestling happened I think. It was a perfect time for a run to the concession stand. The cat won somehow, a rollup I heard.

Match 3
Hardcore match - Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs vs. Hak
Knobbs said he hated all the jackasses in the audience. While he was ranting and raving , Hak sat down on one of the trashcans he threw in the ring and eventually opened up with the surprise weapon: The kendo stick. Knobbs beat him down, threw Hak into the table, breaking it amazingly. Hak then reversed a whip from corner to corner throwing Knobbs into a ladder. Knobbs then continued the beatdown and lost with a rollup, Pee Wee provided a 1 and a half second 3-count. Afterwards Knobbs stalled for about 10 minutes before intermission. That was a lame segment because nothing happened he just kept getting in and out of the ring. We were waiting for a continued match but took a quick run to the outhouse.

Match 4
Kanyon vs. Booker T
Great match, Kanyon came out and sounded almost patriotic. He said something about red, white and blue. Then he heeled and said that he hated rednecks, white trailer trash, and blue collar scumbags or something to that effect. He tickled me there. Kanyon pulled another move you hardly see, a reverse Boston crab (he was sitting on Booker's legs with his back towards the ropes perfect for the kickout). Booker hit his signature moves, axe kick, Harlem sidekick and missile dropkick. Kanyon hit the flatliner. Booker T won after getting flipped over Kanyon landing close to on his feet and nailed with the sidekick. Best match of night.

Match 5
nWo black and white (Horace and Brian Adams) vs The Crippler and The Ice Man.
Another great match. Adams pulled a couple of cool looking back breakers. Benoit hit the Crippler Crossface and his diving headbutt and still didn't get a pin. Malenko did his running knee to the face and won with the Texas Cloverleaf while the Crippler held Adams out so he couldn't break up the pin. A real close second on match of the night.

Match 6
First I would like to say WCW finally listened to all my whining about Sting not coming to Shreveport. It was advertised that he would wrestle Ric Flair. I was pumped. After getting the usual souveneir's for my son and little brother, the letdown happened. The main event was changed to Sid vs. Sting.
Biggest pop of night, hands down, went to Sting. Sid stalled for about 10 minutes raising his hands in a test of strength posture and kept walking out of the ring time after time. A few wrestling moves, a boot to the head, and maybe a splash or two, then Sid beat Sting down. After a short attempt at a comeback, Sid nailed Sting with a boot to the head again then went to cover and Sting got him with the Scorpion (lame because it wasn't a deathdrop or deathlock) rollup for the win. Maybe they were late for the plane.

Overall a good show. A few wrestlers no showed, Bam Bam Bigelow, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Nature Boy. Kanyon, Booker T, Benoit, Malenko and Sting made the show worth the money. Finally, a really over superstar. I hope they don't do like they did a few years ago with Sting. Everyone thinking he nailed Nash with the bat, his feelings getting hurt and then seeing him in the rafters every once in a while for a whole year before he wrestles again. In my opinion after the whole year layoff and winning the World Title for what a week or two really wasted the whole buildup to the showdown with Hogan. Maybe they use that stupid angle again.

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