House Show Results from Milwaukee, WI, 06/27/99

House Show Results from Milwaukee, WI, 06/27/99

Andy from Evanston, IL

The show started at about 7:40 with Fyre, Kimberly, and Tygress doing a quick dance number.

Match #1: Prince Iaukea over Scotty Riggs with the flying body press off the top rope. A lot of posing by Riggs, with neither wrestler being terribly over with the crowd.

Match #2: La Parka and Psychosis over El Dandy and Silver King when Psychosis hit the top rope leg drop on Dandy. It was funny to see Dandy scoot two feet across the ring so that Psychosis could hit the move.

Dave Penzer then introduced Ric Flair, who went through his usual routine of insulting the crowd. He announced that the main event would be Sting versus Flair, DDP, and Bigelow.

Match #3: Saturn over Kanyon. Billy Silverman was knocked out a few minutes into this match. Bigelow did a run-in and hit Saturn with brass knuckles but he kicked out. Saturn then put Kanyon in the DVD for the win. Best part of this match was when Saturn rang the bell and Silverman and Kanyon began to wrestle.

Match #4: Brian Knobbs over Hak. Not too much hardcore action here. Knobbs reversed a whip into a table and then hit Hak with a chair for the win.


Dave Penzer read a "letter" stating that Ted Turner was disappointed in Flair's administrative decisions, and had booked a charter at the airport to immediately fly him back to Atlanta. Flair came out and was then escorted to the back by security.

Match #5: Buff Bagwell over Chris Jericho when Buff rolled up Jericho for the pin. Lots of stalling by both men, but each hit some decent moves as well.

Match #6: Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman over Curt Hennig and Bobby Duncum Jr. Again, not a lot of wrestling in this match, but Rey and Kidman hit some nice aerial moves. After the match the cowboys beat up Rey/Kidman. Perhaps the best part was that some little kid knocked Duncum's hat off both before and after the match. He then bitched to security about this little kid.

Match #7: Sting over Bam Bam Bigelow and DDP when Sting sloppily reversed a DDP suplex into the Scorpion Deathdrop. This was a very short match - ~8 minutes max.

Overall, not a bad house show, considering some of the top talent actually showed up.

After the show I ran into Psychosis and El Dandy drinking beer near a concession stand...Thanks for the read!

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