House Show Results from Auburn Hills, MI, 06/25/99

House Show Results from Auburn Hills, MI, 06/25/99

By Q-ball of and Mr. Kwan
Q-balls report:

First off, Public Enemy was at the entrance way at The Palace, so they are back with WCW. Also Lex Luger and Miss Liz were signing autographs before the show.

DJ Ran makes us "Jump" by House Of Pain before the show.
WE get The NITRO GIRLS!! (Kim, Fyre,Storm and ???)

Match 1: Scotty "The Body" Riggs vs Prince Makanacki
Boring match with Riggs pulling the "Mirror, Mirror" trick in the first few minutes. Totally stupid match with Iaukea hitting the "Snuka" splash for the 1,2,3

Winner: Prince Iaukea

Match 2: Silver KIng/El Dandy vs La Parka/Psychosis
The team of KIng/Dandy played the heels throughout the match. Decent Lucha Libre match with Psychosis getting the pin after a leg drop from top turnbuckle.

Winner: La Parka/Psychosis

Match 3: Kanyon vs Saturn
The match began with the usual "Whos better than..." with a mixed response of Nobody and You Suck. Slow begining with Kanyon hitting a few scoop slams and clapping. Saturn/Kanyon traded off control but when Saturn applied the "Rings of Saturn" Bam Bam came in but was too late after a roll up by Saturn.

Winner: Perry Saturn

Match 4: Hardcore Hak vs Public Enemy Johnny Grunge
Hak comes out with a ladder and talks about what Ric Flair stated on Thunder last night (plot at a house show?) He talks about how he's beaten everyone's ass in WCW and challenges anyone in the back to a Hardcore Hak Rules match. Music comes on and it's PUBLIC ENEMY!! He was to face Knobbs. They come out with a table and a barrel of fun.
Barrel included: Snow shovel, plastic flamingo, cookie sheets, bag of chips (wtf?), trash can.
Hak took control early on but the Public Enemy, playing the heel badly, cheat with Rocco taking Hak out on the outside. Hak ends the match with a rollup.

Winner:Hardcore Hak
Afterwards, they put Hak through the table. (I attempted a "You sold out" chant.)

Intermission with DJ Ran spinning the tunes and then when we return, it's The Nitro Girls.

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs Buff Bagwell
Chris Jericho makes his final(?) appearance in Michigan as a member of WCW? He does his old "I want you to love me" speil, then out comes Buff Daddy. They both pose and get fan reaction on the corners when Ric Flair and Little Naitch come out. Flair says he respects Jericho but hates Buff. He says that whoever wins this match gets Randy Savage tonight! After Flair leaves, Buff talks about Jericho and says that Flair is nuts. Good matchup between both, Jericho almost got the 'Tamer down but Buff got out of it. Buff wins by a rollup, instead of the Blockbuster.

Winner: Buff Bagwell

Match 6: Curt Hennig/Boby Duncum Jr vs Billy Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr
"The Rap is Crap Tour" has arrived in Michigan. Special note of the night: There was a sign "Rey Masturbation is in tha' House". Rey and Kidman come out, Rey does the Konnan Speil. OK matchup. "Cowboys suck" chants. Hennig calls Mysterio "Little Long Horn". Both teams had advantages, Hennig missed Rey and hit Ducum with cowbell in corner. Rey gets the pin after a legdrop off the ropes for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.Billy Kidman
Afterwards The "RIC" group attacks both and chairshots Rey.

Match 7: Buff Bagwell vs Randy Savage
The match started with Savage asking Buff if "he has any last words before he kicks his ass". Buff replied "Yeah, kiss my ass". And then away we go. Buff controls early on, then it's Savage. When Buff gets it back, Savage is willing to leave. Madusa holds onto Buff in the ring and George goes to slap him, Buff ducks and she hits Madusa. They go to fight, Miss Madness tries to calm them, Buff knocks all three down. Ric Flair runs down and him and Buff go at it, Ric goes for the figure-four, Buff rolls him up for the 1,2,3!!! Buff leaves quickly. Savage yells at Flair, says that if he's the pres, that he knows that Buff didn't beat him. Flair says that he's just getting cool with Savage, so chill. Madusa gets on the mic and states that if he wants to play with the big dogs, he shouldn't piss like a poodle. Savage says she will kick his ass. They leave.

Winner: Buff Bagwell over Ric Flair

Match 8: DDP vs Sting vs Bam Bam OK matchup, with Bam Bam and DDP teaming up on Sting. Sting hit the deathdrop on Bam Bam but he kicked out at 2 and a half, DDP's error. Sting hit the lock on DDP three times, the first getting hit by Bam Bam, the second by Kanyon who ran in and the third for the victory. Saturn came out when the Triad attacked Sting, and held back Kanyon for Sting to get the win.

Winner: Sting

Biggest Pops:

  1. Buff
  2. Sting
  3. Saturn
  4. Buff (2nd time)
  5. Public Enemy
  1. Flair
  2. DDP
  3. Bam Bam
  4. Riggs
  5. Hennig/Duncum
It was a great show, better than the last WCW show back in March except the main event of that one was classic (Hogan vs Piper). I will have pics online.

Mr. Kwan's report:

Well, it's time for another House Show. I actually am quite fond of house shows, if for no other reason than that you're bound to actually get some WRESTLING for your money instead of hours of interviews and poorly thought out, unintentionally amusing sketches. Y'know, less hype, more substance. I also had floor seats this time,too:).

Unfortunately, my best friend backed out on me on the last minute because he would rather go out with his ex, so I had to take my older brother and his girlfriend, which I figured would be like taking your grandparents to a rock concert, but they were actually pretty cool. So with that in mind, let's get on with the card:

Penzer does his usual spiel, than tells us to get ready to party (I really hate it when they take the "party" approach to wrestling events) and he then introduces DJ Ran (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), who precedes to get all up in our collective area. Luckily, he brings out the Nitro Girls.

Actually it's only Kim, Storm, Fyre, and Tygress. No AC (eh), Chae (Damn), or Spice (Double-damn).

Match 1: "The Ravishing Narcissist" Scotty Riggs Vs. Prince Imajobber

I pay over $100 on tickets and WCW gives me Iaukea, who won the coinflip backstage and is playing the face. Crap, one of these guys will actually win tonight. And since it's a houseshow and Riggs is the heel, he loses via top-rope cross-bodyblock. Sigh.
Shockingly, both of these guys were actually over, too.

Match 2: Silver King (w/beanie) and El Dandy vs. Psychosis and La Parka (YES!!!)

Once again, everyone's over, and for whatever reason, both teams come out to the same music (Silver King's). Standard lucha tag match, though El Dandy works in a couple of Bitch-Slaps of Doom and yes, everyone else in the crowd was fooled by Silver King's stocky physique. BTW, Psychosis and La Parka win via top-rope guillotine leg-drop.

Match 3: Saturn Vs. Kanyon (Awright!)

Kanyon asks the question. Gets the usual response. Saturn comes out. He says he's right, there is no one better to kick the the @$$ of than Kanyon. Saturn wins via rollup.

Match 4: SandHakman (w/o Chastity) vs. Brian Knobbs

Hak enters first with a ladder, and he says he doesn't care that Flair banned hardcore last night. (CONTINUITY! AND AT A HOUSE SHOW, TOO!) Hak challenges anybody from the back to take him on. No Knobbs, I guess (what a dissapointment...)
Nanananana, nanananananananana, nananana...Public Enemy returns to WCW! Wow, I guess. Anyway I can't really call a match that consists of two guys beating the crap out of each other with garbage, and I was in the john for most of this one. Hak won, and PE beat him down a little afterwards.

Intermission, than more DJ WhyamIhere and the Nitro Girls-3

Match 5: Buff Bagwell vs. Chris Jericho (YES! Jericho!)

Hey, Chris! You leavin' soon? IMO, I really think he should stay, but that's just me. Flair comes down with Li'l Naitch (good to see him back) and says that he respects Jericho, but Bagwell's a punk, and that whoever wins gets a shot at Savage later tonight. Predictably, Jericho loses, but puts on a great show in what may be the last time I see him in WCW.
Great line from Flair:"Shut up kid, or I'll make your mom go "Whoo!""

Match 6: Kidman and Mini-me vs. Minnesota Country (Bobby Duncum Jr. and Curt "from Perfect to this?" Hennig)

Well, despite losing his mask and donning "thuggish-ruggish" new threads, Rey is still a great wrestler and he hasn't become too Konnan-ized. Scratch that. Cuz Gonnad ain't here, Frosted Mini-G does the Catchphrases of Doom for him while I sob quietly.
Kidman and Konnan's miniature action figure win after a slingshot guillotine leg drop by 1-Gold Latino on Duncum.

Match 7: Buff Vs. Randy "My valets get a bigger pop than I do" Savage (w/Rogaine Ho Train)

"Macho Man" Randy Savage... this would be great... 12 years ago.
Blahblahblah. Usual crappy match from Savage as he won't really put Buff over, and the Company Man of All Time, Ric Flair, to come down and put himself in the match so Buff can get the 1-2-3. Sheesh.
Afterwards, Flair and Savage argue, and not suprisingly, he makes Madusa do his work for him.
This segment basically focuses on the twin silicone goiters on Madusa's chest. Madusa adds the Gratuitous Use of Foul Language Award of the night for this ill-concieved line: "Flair, if you want to hang with the big dogs, stop pissing like a puppy!"...

Match 8: BBB & DDP vs. Sting

What the hell is Mike Enos doing in my main event?! Oh waitaminute, its just Bam Bam Bigelow coming out to Enos's "We Will Rock You" knock-off.

This was billed as a triangle match and was originally supposed to feature Goldberg (Who I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year. He's about my height (6'3) and positively HUGE), BUT SINCE Bigelow is in his place it's essentially a handicap match. Kanyon interferes when the Jerseyboyz get into trouble, Flatlines Sting RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF but doesn't get disqualified, Saturn comes out and fights off Kanyon, and Sting pins DDP after reversing a suplex into a Scorpion Deathdrop (isn't that like the 3rd time that's happened?...). Saturn & Sting celebrate as we fade to black... er, as the lights come back on and everyone leaves.

Biggest Pops

  1. Sting
  2. Buff Bagwell
  3. Kidman and Reyrey
  4. Nitro Girls
  5. Jericho (solely on the part of my brother and me)
Most Heat
  1. Flair (..marks..)
  2. Riggs
  3. Jericho (everyone else...)
  4. Silver King y El Dandy
  5. Kanyon
Funny signs (Ironic, even though its not on TV): The Good: It was a good show all in all, and it was nice to see Jericho one last time (at least I hope not.)

The Bad: Prince Iaukea is quickly becoming my least favorite person in all of wrestling, and it appears that the real Rey Mysterio Jr. is officially dead.

The Ugly: The white trash to common man ratio in the audience was about 5 to 1. Good Lord...

Well, it was a pretty good show, and I look forward to seeing WCW live again soon. Hopefully, next time there will be a little more star power and a lot less empty seats.

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