House Show Results from Columbus, OH, 06/05/99

House Show Results from Columbus, OH, 06/05/99

By Cornbread of Capital City Wrestling

We got there right as the first match was starting. Crowd was sparse, but I guess it was a pretty good draw for a really nice summer's evening. Lots of kids, but not as many as usual.....

Vampiro defeated Chris Adams, with a roll-up of sorts I believe.

Vampiro was way over, and Adams was drawing major heel heat. Crowd was doing lots of USA chants, which is dumb, because neither is from here..............Both men hit their finishers and had the opponent kick out. After the match Vampiro got the mic and said some stuff about Adams, to a huge pop.

Chavo Guerrero beat the Cat.

The ring announcer (who was a total tool) said that the WCW promoters would not allow the Cat to speak because he insulted the fans. Crowd popped for that. Chavo came out to LaParka's old music and grabbed the mic and teased the Cat. The Cat then beat the crap out of Chavo. Cat would pause and work the crowd, doing lots of "shut up, you are fat" lines. Chavo finally got the win when the cat grabbed the mic and Chavo rolled him up from behind. Terrible match.
In a related note, a young wrestler that I have worked with in a local promotion (Capital City Wrestling was in the house, and he said that his sister was one of the females the Cat did the "fat chick" promo on. She cried about it, because it hurt her feelings, and they let her go in the back and get all of the wrestler's autographs on a t-shirt for the new WCW video game. Classy, but sorta stupid. And the Cat wrote that he was sorry in the autograph.........

Juventud Guerrera beat Kaz Hayashi with the Juvi Driver.

Not very good, although Juvi was pretty over. These guys went a little too long and were pretty slow. No real big spots from either.

Bam Bam Bigelow beat Hak in a hardcore match.

The ending came on a weird move. SANDMAN was going to nail BBB with a chair, but he waited, and then BBB pushed him into a ladder, and then made the cover. A really short and terrible match. Afterward Hak limped out of the ring. BBB hadn't worked his leg, so I'm thinking that Sandy' hurt his knee and they brought the match home early.

After intermission was the intro of Rey and Kidman, to a huge pop. Then some unfamiliar music came on, to which Chris Benoit entered, to a massive pop. Benoit grabbed the mic and said that Dean was not there because Flair cancelled the flight on him, so he was gonna have to fight these two kids himself. (By the way, before the intermission, the DORK ring announcer announced that Dean and Booker T were in the building, but injured). On comes Jericho's music, to a huge pop. Jericho grabs the stick and says that since they are both from Calgary, since they are the best showmen and wrestlers in WCW, they should team up to beat these guys. Benoit agreed, and Kidman accepted the match.

A long match which saw Rey get a lot of big spots, but no one else. Some idiot in the front row was throwing twizzlers at Jericho, and he was removed from his seat, deserting like 10 kids. They let him back in in the middle of the main event, and he got the kids and left. Got a semi-loud "@$$hole" chant from the crowd.
The match ended when Dean Malenko came out and interfered, which caused Booker T to come out and interfere, which somehow got Kidman the pin over Jericho. Not a great match by any means.

The main event saw Sting beat DDP. DPP was over big, but Sting got the bigger pop (best of the night). Lots of fists were thrown, and the two fought down the aisleway a little. Not a very good match, which did see Sting kick out of the Diamond Cutter though. Was mostly punches and brawling.

The Good - Crowd seemed to like the wrestling, and wasn't disappointed in the lack of "interviews" and stuff, like some house show crowds. Vampiro was way over. Benoit worked the stick well.
The Bad - Neither DDP nor Bigelow wore the Tag Team belts to the ring. No titles were defended. There were only six matches.
The Ugly - People threw a lot of stuff. Terrible and short match with BBB and Hak. Having Dean and Booker T there, but not wrestle. THE RING ANNOUNCER.

Not to bad of an evening, but not worth the $21 spent.

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