House Show Results from Baton Rouge, LA, 05/30/99

House Show Results from Baton Rouge, LA, 05/30/99

By Spongey One of The Dungeon of Doom Page from Walker, LA

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi, w/Glacier outfit, defeated Blitzkrieg with the top rope senton.

Blitzkrieg, oddly, played the heel. A few notes...some fans in the crowd were doing this weird little hand signal, with two fingers going up and down. Hayashi did the People's Elbow, but right before dropping, did the little signal. He also did it a few times when Blitz was down. I was a little disappointed, because there was little of the usual we see from guys like these.

Match 2: Stevie Ray and Brian Adams defeat "Squire" Dave Taylor and David Finlay with the spike piledriver double team maneuver.

Taylor and Finlay were very,very good at getting the crowd against them. Stevie Ray got on the microphone and did the "fruitbooty" thing, and the crowd went nuts. Adams then got the mic and said "Fruitbooty",and no one really responded. He didn't look happy. Afterwards, the idiots behind me kept yelling "FRUITBOOTY!!!!"

Match 3: Semi Main Event - Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Brian Knobbs with some sort of "plundah".

Bigelow was over big time,and Knobbs kept getting on the mic talking about how he was the king of hardcore. He dominated the match, but Bigelow came back to beat him.

Match 4: Juventud Guerrera defeats Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Michinoku Driver II.

Chavo instantly became a heel with the crowd when he threatened to walk out on the match. Juvi got on the mic and said "What, you afraid I'm gonna kick your @$$ tonight?" and Chavo said "Hey Juvi, your boyfriend called earlier!" Juvi was pretty over, but even he couldn't overcome the idiots behind me calling him a fruitbooty.

Match 5: Hugh Morrus defeats Jerry Flynn with a roll up.

During the match,the idiots behind me were yelling "Lightning sucks!" and I yelled to them "It's Lightning FOOT! Get it right!!!" Morrus motioned for the No Laughing Matter several times, but Flynn blocked it.Finally, Morrus rolled him up out of the corner for the win.

Main Event: Sting vs Ric Flair.

Take a big, wild guess who wins. Flair goes for the Figure Four, Sting rolls him up. Flair gets it on, finally, Sting turns it over. Stinger Splash. Sting pulls Flair's tights down. I will erase that from my memory now. Anyway...Sting gets the Scorpion Deathlock on, Flair taps.

Some idiot after the show said "Man, I wanna refund. GOLDBERG wasn't here!!"
Yeah man, the tickets ain't worth the money ya paid for 'em if GOLDBERG ain't here!!! Oh,well.

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