House Show Results from Roanoke, VA, 05/21/99

House Show Results from Roanoke, VA, 05/21/99

By Brandon "Recognized as your father in 17 states" Stroud

The Good: The tag team main-event was incredible.  Seeing Benoit and Malenko humorously dis Pennsylvania Slim and Thuggy Doug was like opening the gates of Heaven and finding out that they're stocked full of old NWA Tapes.  It's like going into an arena in 1985 and seeing Magnum T.A. drive a table leg into Tully Blanchard's head all over again.  God, I miss my childhood.

The Bad: The show.  Heh.

The Ugly: Holly dropped chilli all over my nWo Black & White shirt!!!   NOW how am I supposed to enjoy a tall glass of "shut the hell up " in style?  The "boss" would never approve of this!

From Matt:

I got to the arena at about 7pm and met my girlfriend, her friend, and my friend. I had pretty good seats. I was 10 rows back and about 5 seats from the aisle where the wrestlers come down. Evidently, WCW only sells floor tickets to rednecks who act like this their first time in public or hella-annoying little kids.

Match 1: Erik Watts v. Kenny Kaos
The match started out with Watts playing the heel and posing for the crowd. Watts missed quite a few spots and no-sold some moves of Kaos. Kenny finally won with a forearm or something. The whole match I was trying to get my girlfriend to stop cheering for Watts. My girlfriend is such a stupid mark.

Match 2: Howie D from the Backstreet Boys v. The Beautiful Bobby Eaton
Evan Courageous and Bobby hooked up in what I would like the sleeper match of the year. It was incredibly boring and Bobby kept trying to pull something out of his tights the whole match. Courageous won with a flying twisty thing from the top rope.

Match 3: Bobby Duncam, Jr. vs. Someone I can't remember
I went and bought a K-Dogg T-shirt during this match.

Match 4: Prince NakaMackey vs. Miss Kitty
Cat got on the mic and made fun of the rednecks. WEEEEE! Prince got beat down for most of the time and then Cat hit a terrible kick to win the thing.


Match 5: Hak vs. Scott Norton
Hak came out and did some mic work for 20 minutes. I tried to start such chants as "ECW", "Live Bait", and "Drink a beer" but my follow patrons decided to go for the brainbusting chant of "F*** you" Hak went for the leg sweep of hardcore but Norton reversed it and then powerbombed Hak for the win.

Match 6: DDP vs. Rick Steiner
The women behind me kept yelling "DDT, Diamond Dallas Trash" Just another example of wonderful public education. They fought right near me and I kept yelling, "DDP bangs guys," but DDP was much more interested in his bad match with Rick. DDP eventually got DQ for I think using closed fists and DDP Diamond Cut Rick and then the ref.

Match 7: Mysterio/Kidman vs. Benoit/Malenko
I had my Rey Mysterio mask on the when the Horsemen were coming out. I held up four fingers but when Benoit came I pointed them down and chanted, "Sabu, Sabu." He seemed pissed off. This was only quality match of the evening. Dean had some wicked moves on Rey. He kept twirling him around into some form of a gutbuster. The match went back on forth with great moves all around. Mysterio got the pin with a victory roll.
After the match I pushed my way to the railing and I put my mask on. Rey saw me and came right over and gave me a high five. By far the coolest moment of my life.

Good: The tag match was the only thing that made my ticket worth $5

Bad: Six matched fortified with crap.

Ugly: The guy behind me that whenever my girlfriend took off her overshirt, he would say, "Hey boys, she's taking it off!"

From Dave at Daveland:

Hey there, this is Dave Walls from 90.9FM in Lynchburg, VA, but enough about me..

Welcome to the Roanoke Civic Center, where we had an "exciting" night of WCW action! ( was decent)

Before the match
Crowd: Surprisingly small..maybe 6 thousand. Definitely not as many as last October when WCW brought Thunder to the Civic Center.
There was a new ring announcer, whom I had never seen before. He looked a little green, and wasn't nearly exciting as Dave Penzer. (Take that one for what you will..) Tall, blonde haired guy..It had been mentioned earlier that it was Penzer's birthday, so that's probably why..

Unfortunately, Penzer wasn't the only no-show. The card, as announced a month ago on Worldwide and in a radio spot that was heavily played in the Lynchburg/Roanoke area.:

A week ago, on Worldwide, the card was re-arranged: The card that was passed out at the door: Here's what we got:

Match #1: Erik Watts vs. Kenny Kaos

MATCH #2: Evan Karagias vs. Bobby Eaton (sans "Beautiful") MATCH #3: Prince Iaukea vs. Ernest Miller MATCH 4: Bobby Duncum Jr. vs. Scotty "Narcissist" Riggs INTERMISSION: Crowd's mood was part "bleah", part "this sucks so far". No one signed autographs, BTW..

MATCH #5: Hak vs Scott Norton

Match #6: DDP vs. Rick Steiner Match #7: Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Rey Misterio Jr (w/ belt)/Kidman Well, thanks for the chance to report. I'm Dave, and I'm outta here. Be sure to check out Daveland.

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