House Show Results from Des Moines, 05/14/99

House Show Results from Des Moines, 05/14/99

By Blake N. from Loyola, Chicago, temporarily residing in Iowa

Overall, wasn't the greatest card, but wasn't a bad work effort....

The Good: Flair was there and put on a great show, I had 2nd row seats, and the Horsemen vs. Cruisers match ruled.

The Bad: Seeing the Horsemen continue to job, even if it was only a house show. Also, Vampiro jobbing sucks cuz he rules...He had great charisma and work ethic.

The Ugly: The Des Moines event staff cuz they wouldn't even let us stand up without yelling at us...and the article written in Thursday's edition of the Des Moines Register which called Sting a heel and confused Hak with Hacksaw Jim Duggan...If you don't believe me, find the article...

An additional report from Matt H.:

I go to the arena about an hour and a half early to see if I could meet any wrestlers. It turned out to be a pretty cool experience. The first person to pull up was El Vampiro, I wasn't close enough at the time to approach him, but even if I did, he was surrounded by a rather large group of people. The next was probably the coolest thing that happened. Silver King pulled up in a white minivan with some really ugly Mexican in the other side. Both walked within a couple inches of me. It turns out that the ugly Mexican was La Parka without his mask. If you can imagine the bastard child of Cheech Marin and El Dandy, that's La Parka. : )

I was about to go in the arena when a jeep pulled up with three people inside... Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Jerry Flynn. Malenko was the first to walk by me, and at that moment, I lost all respect I had for him. When I approached him for an autograph, he replied "Get out of my way, kid" and pushed me away. Benoit just hurried past and Flynn told me he didn't have time because he was in the first match. (Lying piece of...) Onto the matches...

Match 1- Chris Adams vs. El Vampiro
The crowd was really booing the hell out of Adams. I guess not many people knew who he was. Rather good match. Adams won after taking Vampiro's head off with a superkick. **

Match 2- Silver King and La Parka vs. Super Calo and El Dandy.
One of the best of the night. There were tons of highspots. La Parka won the match... not sure how it happened though. ***

Match 3- Jerry Flynn vs. Hugh Morrus
This match stunk up the place. Flynn kept leaving the ring through the entire thing to jaw with a bunch off fans at ringside. Flynn lost when he got his foot stuck up on the turnbuckle. Morrus rolled him up from there. *

Match 4- Raven vs. Hak in a hardcore match
Hak came out with a mop, claiming that Raven stole his mop. He yelled "I want my mop!" about 30 times into the mic before Raven decided to get his ass down there. Hak changed his line to "What about me? What about my mop?!" which got a good reaction from the crowd. Raven decided to ignore him and put his belt on the ref. Hak tried to get his attention by telling Raven that he "knows why Raven stole his mop... it's because [he] stole his sister!" Raven retaliated by getting on the mic and saying "I don't care if you stole my sister. By the way... I had your mom." The crowd absolutely erupted. The mop, tables, chair, a garbage can, a piece of the guard rail, and the ladder were used. Raven got the win with the Evenflow. ***1/2

Intermission time... no one was signing autographs :(

Match 5- Disco Inferno vs. Konnan
Every time Disco tried to dance, his music turned off. Konnan came out and told Disco "Which do you want? Italian, French, Ranch, or Creamy... cause you're gonna get down on your knees, toss my salad and peel my potato!" This of course got a 'faggot' chant from the crowd. Nothing match, Konnan hits his usual highspots. Konnan won with the Tequila Sunrise. 1/2*

Match 6- Rey Misterio Jr. and Kidman vs. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
The place absolutely errupted when Rey's music started. I think I was the only person in the arena who was cheering for the Horsemen. This was the best match of the night. I won't go into any details because that could take hours. Rey rolled up Malenko when he went for the Texas Cloverleaf. ****

Match 7- Ric Flair vs. Sting
Flair came out first to a huge amount of boos. Like the match before, I think I was the only Horsemen fan in attendance. Usual Flair and Sting match, except Charles Robinson was the referee. Ever time Sting went for a pin, Robinson would stop and say Flair had a shoulder up. Robinson grabbed Sting by the hair and pulled him off of Flair. This really pissed Sting off so he gave him the Scorpion Death Drop. Robinson was out cold and the crowd gave Sting a standing ovation. Flair got the Stinger Splash and the Scorpion Deathlock as another referee ran out and Flair tapped. ***3/4

The Good: The Lucha tag and the two Horsemen match. Both were at least three stars.

The Bad: The pathetic Flynn/Morrus and Disco/Konnan matches.

The Ugly: There was some kid in front of me that kept screaming at the Horsemen... hell, he screamed at everybody. During the main event, he was trying to get a "Kick his flabby white ass, Stinger" chant going. Imagine 28,000 Iowans trying to say that in rhythm.

All in all it was a pretty good card. Worth the price of admission.

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