WCW House Show Results from Philadelphia, PA, 05/01/99

WCW House Show Results from Philadelphia, PA, 05/01/99

By Scott L.

Wrestling Recap for WCW at First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, Saturday May 1, 1999.

This was my first live event. I attended with my 20-year old sister, since I watch too much wrestling to actually get a girlfriend. We almost don't make to the arena, since my sister informs me that she is psyched that her boyfriend got a single at his college dorm for next year. Now, my sister and I are pretty close for siblings, but there are things that I don't want to know about.

I was not impressed with the ring or the light setup. Granted, this was not a televised event, but the production could have been better. We were in the fourth row, and what probably made the night was a smart-ass kid 4 rows behind us who had great comments, of which I can only remember a few. We got to the arena early, so I could by Horsemen shirts, since you can't buy them online. So, $70 for seats, $175 for 7 horsemen shirts, and $10 for two Buds (of course I drank them both ;) ) later, we were ready for the show.

Matches will be rated on the 5-star system tonight.


The Good: Got to see Flair. The man is a great performer, even in losing.

The Bad: The post-intermission matches. It was as if they were in a hurry to get out of there, since the event started late. Plus, no Chris Benoit.

The Ugly: Not worth the price of admission. The production was adequate at best. Plus, they can transport a wrestling ring but not a laptop and portable printer to make program inserts of the actual card. Come on.

And for all you women out there - According to my sister, the major studs of the evening:

And the guys who need help:

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