WCW House Show Results from Minneapolis, MN, 04/25/99

WCW House Show Results from Minneapolis, MN, 04/25/99

By Jarod T. and SKLOKAZOID

Jarod T.'s report:

The show started off with a moment of silence for Rick Rude, along with the 10 bell salute. Showing a large amount of class (or lack thereof), some fans were booing.

Silver King Vs. El Vampiro
This one should help Xavier out. To answer the question "I wonder what Vampiro is doing", the answer is winning! Excellent opening match, Vampiro getting the win after hitting the Nail in the Coffin.
Winner: El Vampiro via pinfall

Lenny Lane Vs. Booker T- TV Title match.
Lane entered the ring and grabbed the mic, saying he was the greatest to ever come out of MN, to a decent pop. Continuing in the tradition of stealing from Jericho, he then said he was glad he left, cuz MN sucked. He then called Booker a coward, saying he was afraid to put the belt on the line. Booker came out, to a huge pop, and first insulted Lane by having to ask Penzer who his opponent was. He then said, if he wanted a TV Title shot, it was up to the fans, who cheered. He said if he couldn't beat Lane in under 10 minutes, the belt was his. Booker got the win after the Harlem Sidekick in just under 8 minutes. Again, great match.
Winner: Booker T via pinfall

Barry Darsow (sans Golf gear) Vs. Chris Adams
Boring match, no one cared, as people used this match as intermission. Darsow got the win with hold # 734, ARM-bar, the Barely Legal.
Winner: Barry Darsow via submission

Next came the real intermission.

Curt Hennig Vs. Konnan (w/catchphrases of DOOM)
Huge pop for Hennig. Good pop for Konnan as well, who went through the usual schtick. Hennig squeezed a decent match out of Konnan, even paying tribute to Rude after knocking Konnan down with a clothesline, he imitated Rude's gyrating, then pointed up. Konnan hit his usual moves, but when he went for the setup to the Tequila Sunrise, Hennig avoided it with a low blow. The ref warned Hennig, who grabbed the ref and threw him, immediately disqualifying Hennig. Hennig then went outside and grabbed some plundah, then commenced with a clubberin'. As Hennig left, he grabbed the mic and said "Jesse sucks, too!" Konnan got up a minute or so later, went through the catchphrases of DOOM again, then pointed at a fan at ringside saying "..and you there booing me, you look like you ain't had pussy since pussy had you!"
Winner: Konnan via DQ

Raven (w/garbage bin of assorted items) Vs. Hak- No DQ match
Best match of the night, by far. After Raven got in the ring, he taunted Raven, saying he had Raven's sister. Raven said that was OK, cuz he had Hak's mom. Match continued, with Raven beating Hak with the Singapore cane, then he hit Hak with a mop. He then looked at the mop, then grabbed a mic, saying he thought the mop was Hak's mom. After he hit Hak in the head, then mopped his face, he said the mop was better looking. Match had a lot of great spots, like Hak setting Raven up on a table, then missing a senton splash on Raven, going through the table. Raven Evenflowed Hak, but in the course, the ref was knocked out. As Raven tried to wake the ref, Hak grabbed the cane and wrapped it on Raven's neck, applying the Russian-leg sweep. Hak went for the pin, but Raven kicked out. Hak tried to whip Raven to the ropes, but Raven reversed it into an Evenflow, scoring the 3 count.
Winner: Raven via pinfall

Rick Steiner Vs. Scott Norton Good pop for Norton. OK match, but it just went on too long. Norton hit a sidewalk slam, with no Schiavone to call it. Oh and the ref was out too. As Norton tried to revive the ref, Rick grabbed him for a german suplex and got the 3 count with the bridge.
Winner: Rick Steiner via pinfall

Sting Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
Originally scheduled to be Sting Vs. Bret Hart, Bigelow was the sub. Bigelow announced that unless the fans shut up and sat down, he wasn't going to wrestle. The fans, of course, got louder. Bigelow was on the verge of leaving, when Sting grabbed the mic and said it was probably a good thing, cuz Minneapolis was allergic to jackasses. Bigelow charged the ring, where Sting twice tried to bodyslam him, with no luck. Outside, Sting went for a Stinger Splash, but met only guard rail. He rolled inside, where Bigelow suplexed him. Sting fought back, nailing 2 Stinger Splashes, followed by the Scorpion Death Drop for the win.
Winner: Sting via pinfall

Ric Flair Vs. Goldberg
Flair out first. He got some cheap heat, with the usual fat boy schtick, then told the ref when he locked on the figure four, he better hear Goldberg give up or else he's fired. Goldberg out to the loudest pop I've ever heard. Match was decent, with Flair several time using the "Check the time ref", followed by the low blow. Goldberg tried to spear Flair, meeting only corner post. Flair grabbed him and used a belly to back, then strutted while Goldberg got right up. Flair turned around, spear. Jackhammer. Splat. Pin.
Winner: Goldberg via pinfall

All in all, the show was better than the last Nitro I went to, being the February 1st Nitro. Not as bad as some of the house shows I have read about as of late.

SKLOKAZOID's report:
The lights dimmed EXACTLY at 7:30, as it was listed on the ticket. That amazed me.

Dave Penzer was in the ring and announced that there would be a 10-bell salute to Rick Rude, whom passed away on Tuesday. I didn't expect this, but they were in Minnesota, so it was only appropriate.

After that, some annoying DJs from a local radio station were there. I won't give out the name of the station, beacuse I know the station wants the entire world to know its name and they annoy the hell out of me with their propaganda. :)

MATCH #1: El Vampiro vs Silver King
El Vampiro looks to be a future star if WCW ever uses him right. He played to the crowd a lot and put on a decent match against Silver King. BTW, I was amazed at how shiny the silver costumes are in person. Anyway, Vampiro won after his Michinoku Driver-like finisher.

MATCH #2: WCW World Television Title: Champion Booker T. vs Lenny Lane
Lenny Lane, a Minnesota wrestler, came to the ring and ran down the state he was from. Booker T then came down, said Lane didn't deserve a TV title shot, but since the fans wanted it, he'd put it on line and if Lenny Lane lasted 10 minutes with him, Lane would get the belt. This card wasn't on TV, of course, defeating the purpose of a TV title match, but whatever :)
Booker T finished Lane off in about 7 minutes with the Harlem Sidekick.

Intermission began here. Well, there WAS a match between Chris Adams and Barry Darsow (Another Minnesota wrestler), but nobody seemed to care.

MATCH #3: Chris Adams vs Barry Darsow
Some drunk guys sitting next to me yelled all sorts of insults at Adams. Barry Darsow won the match via submission with his armbar finisher.

5-MINUTE INTERMISSION: This was the OFFICIAL intermission. I stole a pen from the WCW credit card guys. That was fun. This intermission lasted much longer than 10 minutes, but hell, I wasn't counting. :)

MATCH #4: Curt Hennig (Minnesota guy again) vs Konnan
Hennig got a pretty big, yet mixed, reaction. Konnan came to the ring and gave his usual schtick. This match was kind of sloppy. Hennig did the Rick Rude hip-swivel in salute to his good buddy that just died, which got a pretty big reaction from the crowd. Hennig got himself disqualified when he tossed the ref, then gave Konnan a couple of chairshots. He got on the mic, ran down the crowd and said "JESSE (Ventura, Minnesota again) SUCKS TOO!" which got him some boos.

MATCH #5: ECW World Title Match: Raven vs Sandma--- Oh, yeah, he's Hak now...And this is WCW :)
This was a Hardcore Rules match (No DQ, I guess you could also call it "Raven's Rules") and Raven came down wheeling a trash bin full of all sorts of goodies. A ladder was brought into the ring, which was used once when it was placed in the corner and Raven whipped Hak into it. A table that was inevitably brought into the ring, lost its legs, so Hak used a stool to stand it up along with the ropes and Raven ended up going through it. Raven hit the Evenflow DDT on Hak, but the ref got knocked out. Hak got up and did a Russian Legsweep with the Singapore Cane (which he brought down). Raven kicked out at 2, gave Hak the Evenflow DDT again and finally pinned Hak.

MATCH #6: Scott Norton vs Rick Steiner
They really turned the treble up on the "nWo Theme" as Norton walked down the aisle. It hurt my ears. Fans still stand up for this theme even though they know... they KNOW some jabronie like Horace or Vincent is going to come out. For no apparent reason, Scott Norton ran out of the ring and ripped up a fan's sign. I'm assuming the sign said "Norton SUCKS!" but suddenly running out into the crowd to rip it up was pretty spontaneous. Lots of stalling. Rick Steiner eventually won the match with a German Suplex. Scott Norton is from Minnesota, by the way.

MATCH #7: Bam Bam Bigelow vs Sting
Sting didn't come out wearing a trenchcoat. It looks like the suits up at WCW that like to avoid controversy are going to take it off the Stinger. I could go into my rant about how nobody can wear a trenchcoat because the media seems to be jumping all over that little tidbit, but I have a house show to report on here. Bam Bam refused to wrestle Sting at first, but Sting lured him back into the ring by saying how "Minneapolis is allergic to jackasses!" Bam Bam & Sting had a pretty decent, back-and-forth match till the end where Sting nailed 3 Stinger Splashes on Bam Bam, then gave him the Scorpion Deathdrop to get the 1-2-3. Sting didn't reverse the "Greetings from Asbury Park" like at all the other house shows, this was a decisive win. The crowd was REALLY into this match. People were stomping and making all sorts of noise during this.

MATCH #8: Ric Flair (from Minnesota) vs Goldberg
Both wrestlers just came down. Maybe it's just me, but Goldberg's entrance is pretty anticlimatic without all the pyro like he has on Nitro. This match wasn't nearly as good as their Nitro one. Flair didn't get Goldberg in the Figure-4 even. Flair threatened that if the ref didn't hear Goldberg give up, he was fired. (Not that it matters :) Flair only got the advantage via some lowblows, but Goldberg won in the end after the spear/Jackhammer combo. As soon as the ref's hand hit "3", the lights went up IMMEDIATELY. The ending seemed pretty anticlimatic, but the crowd still loved Goldberg here.

Overall, this was a pretty entertaining card. Slow at times, but the crowd was into it and that's all that matters. You can't expect too much out of house shows these days, but the top two matches sent me home happy, even if Goldberg/Flair was kind of half-assed.

Solid card. No screwjobs since it wasn't on TV.

Kind of bland. Probably since it wasn't on TV. :)

Not that these POP/HEAT meters matter, but hell, I might as well do one.
BIGGEST POPS (in order): Goldberg, Sting, Rick Steiner, Raven, Konnan
BIGGEST HEAT: Adams vs. Darsow, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ric Flair, Curt Hennig

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