WCW House Show Results from Huntsville, AL, 04/24/99

WCW House Show Results from Chattanooga, TN, 04/24/99

By Jon N.

Before anything got underway, the ring announcer (not Penzer, didn't know who he was) asked for a moment of silence and 10 bell salute to that late Rick Rude. Very Classy.

A note of interest. A buddy of mine went to Gold's and hung out to meet some of the wrestlers if they showed up and got to meet Hak and Bam Bam. He did said both of them were super nice to him and his kid.

The show took place in the Von Braun Center which is attached to Big Springs Park. Over the weekend, Huntsville held their annual arts festival called Panoply. It's a pretty big festival that draws around 75,000 - 100,000 people over the weekend. My wife sat outside before the wrestling began and watched the crowds. It was pretty entertaining watching all the kids and parents and other people coming to see WCW with their WolfPac and other WCW t-shirts mixing in the Panoply crowd which is mostly a more "refined" / preppy crowd.

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