WCW House Show Results from Boise/Nampa, ID, 04/13/99

WCW House Show Results from Boise/Nampa, ID, 04/13/99

By Brian W. of The Wrestling Company and Ty W.

Brian W.'s report:

I thought you would like to know my thoughts on my first WCW show, not to mention my first TV taping. This was for WCW Saturday Night/Worldwide TV taping. It was set up for about 6,000 people. Lots of Goldberg fans with the t-shirts, etc. A couple of cute little girls at ringside. One had Hollywood Hogan's beard on her face, the other with the white Sting makeup.

First of all, I GOT TO MEET ARN ANDERSON IN PERSON!! Arn was signing copies of his autobiography for $20.00. But I already have his book signed, an autographed photo as well as the t-shirt. I was wearing my Arn Anderson4ever.com t-shirt by the way. So I said to Arn, "At least let me shake your hand." I told him what I did for The Wrestling Company and told him how much I miss him in the ring and thanked him for all his hard work over the years.

I had nice seats so I could see everything in the ring. However, acoustics were terrible. Anyway, here is the list of the matches. The question marks represent the fact that I don't know who the wrestler is. Here we go!

1. Vampiro Canadienese over Bobby Blaze with the victory roll. Vampiro was booed when he first came out. During the match, Vampiro nailed Blaze with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top. After that, he got a big pop from the crowd and left the ring with cheers.

2. Disco Inferno over Barry Horowitz with the Chartbuster. Disco was over a little bit with the crowd.

3. Outrageous (don't know his name) over Lenny Lane with a Skytwister Press. The body press that Chaparita Asari does in AJW.

4. Ernest Miller over Chris Adams with a karate kick. Sonny Onoo was there as well. Onoo interfered on behalf of Miller, causing Adams to get nailed with the high kick by Miller. Miller became the heel early on in the match.

5. Bam Bam Bigelow over Wrath by DQ when Hardcore Hak interfered. The sports commentator on NewsChannel 7 mispronounced the first part of Bigelow's name as Boo Boo or Boom Boom instead of Bam Bam. I will have to call them on the telephone tomorrow.

6. Brian Adams over ? with the piledriver

7. WCW World Tag Team Champions Rey Misterio, Jr. & Billy Kidman over Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko by DQ when Arn Anderson interfered. Benoit & Malenko got a big pop when they came in, but during the match, they worked heel style. Best match on the card by far. Kinda' neat to see Rey Misterio, Jr. without the mask. Raven & Saturn later came out and brawled with Malenko & Benoit.

8. ? over The Gambler (bathroom break)

9. Jerry Flynn over The Barbarian by DQ when Hugh Morrus interfered. Jimmy Hart was there as well.

10. Raven & Saturn over Damian & Silver King

11. Barry Windham over ? with the Lariat

12. Kenny Kaos over Bobby Duncum, Jr. with the rollup

13. Norman Smiley over Blade Boudreaux by submission with the Norman Conquest. Norman teased the wiggle dance during the match. I thought the wiggle dance was banned by WCW now.

14. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan over Barry Darsow. At first I couldn't tell who Duggan's opponent was, until I recognized the tattoos. Duggan was over with the crowd.

15. WCW World TV Champion Booker T. over Scott Norton by countout.
Stevie Ray came down the aisle and had an argument with Norton. He even prevented Norton from hitting Booker T. with a chair. Booker T. was WAY over with the fans.

This show lasted 2 hours. The big announcement they gave at the show:
Monday, August 9, WCW Monday Nitro will be at the Idaho Center. I am definitely going to try to get a ticket for that one!
I had a lot of fun at the show. At least I know I would see a lot of WRESTLING on the show compared to Nitro or Thunder or WWF Raw is War, for that matter. I saw a t-shirt with the new logo and the new slogan for WCW: "Shut up and wrestle!" Most t-shirts were being sold for $20.00. Sting masks were being sold for $10.00. And they did sell beer at the show as well.

Ty W. writes:

I was at the Saturday Night tapings last night in Nampa. It wasn't a bad show at all. We got in about 6:00 and we saw a sign that said Arn Anderson book sigining. So we went up there, bought the book, and he signed it for us. It was awesome. He was really nice to us. I noticed he mentioned you in there for your tribute page to him.
Then we bought a shirt and went to our seats. We had good seats. Front row on the corner by the stairs. You might be able to see me during Disco's match, I have the sign that said I've got Disco Fever. Penzer took two of my bud's signs. I had a sign for Benoit too. When he wrestled Kidman/Rey with Malenko for the tag straps he looked right at me and gave me the four fingers. It rocked.
I also got a high five from Lash LeRoux. My friends and I think he's awesome. We were giving him the double-L sign and no one else knew what it was. So he came over gave us a high five. But it was hard to tell who to go for in that match. His oppenent was Smiley. Smiley won, of course, but Lash came back to us and said something but I couldn't hear him.
I got to see Wrath wrestle Bam Bam. Chastity is HOT in person. And Scott Norton's match basically took place in front of us. He is a big ass guy. The best match of the night, in my opinion, was Hacksaw. It was great to see him. He even stopped in front of ME and did the thumbs up and "HO" thing. It was great.

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