WCW House Show Results from Toledo, OH, 03/16/99

WCW House Show Results from Toledo, OH, 03/16/99

By Andrew P. from Toledo, OH and Kevin H.

Andrew P.'s report:

Just a quick note before I give the results. I don't know all the wrestlers, plus it was hard to decipher what Penzer was saying. I had decent seats, 7th row center ring. Being my first wrestling show, I was impressed, but thought the quality of wrestling could be a bit better. They told us that the show was being taped for WCWSN. Most of the matches seemed to go by very quickly.

Dark match:
El Vampiro defeated Corporal Cruel with his Nail in the Coffin.

"Beast from the East" Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Al Greene with "Greetings from Asbury Park"

Squire Dave Taylor defeated Erik Watts with what seemd to be a double underhook slam.
Watts seemed to look like Brian Adams twin.

Kendall Windham and Bobby Duncum Jr. wrestled to a double countout as neither seemed interested to get in the ring.

Kenny Kaos defeated The Disciple with the Power Surge.

Van Hammer (Far Out) defeated Lodi w/signs with the Flashback.
Lodi connected on 3 consecutive snap suplexes a la Benoit.

Disco Inferno defeated Bobby Blaze with the Chartbuster.
Pre-match, he comes in with his disco music and imitates Konnan's catch phrases. Post-match, he exits to Wolfpack music.

Blitzkrieg defeated Super Calo with the Cancun Tornado.

Rick Steiner defeated Norman Smiley with the Top Rope Bull-Dog.
After Smiley knocked down Steiner, he did his SMBU. Next Steiner knocked down Smiley and did his own version of SMBU.

WCW Tag Team Championship Curt Hennig and Barry Windham defeated Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit by DQ after the ref saw Arn Anderson rush the ring. He conveniently did not see Kendall with the first interference.

Chavo "Where's Pepe?" Guerrero defeated "The Chairman of WCW" La Parka with the Tornado DDT.

Kidman defeated Evan Courageous with the shooting star press.

Break time.

I'm told Johnny Swinger defeated Barry Horowitz, but not how he was pinned.

WCW TV Championship Booker T. defeated Ernest "The Cat" Miller (I come in like Glacier) with a sidewalk slam.

Bobby Duncum Jr defeated Bull Payne with what looked to be a forward Russian Legsweep.

Silver King defeated Lizmark Jr with a tilt-a-whirl slam.

Disorderly Conduct defeated the Armstrong Bros.

Prince Iaukea defeated Scotty Riggs with the Northern lights suplex.

Scott Norton inserted Chip Minton into the mat with his Powerbomb.

Jerry Flynn defeated Barry Darsow.

Lash LeRoux defeated Lenny "Chris Jericho is my twin" Lane with the Whiplash.

Meng defeated "Mean" Mike Enos with the Tongan Death Grip.

Horace Hogan and Brian Adams defeated The Barbarian and Hugh Morrus by DQ after Meng attacked.
Jerry Flynn came ringside to help Meng because Meng was being beaten. (Big surprise)

Chris Jericho defeated "I'm not half the man I used to be" Perry Saturn by DQ after Referee Silverman saw Saturn use his chain on Jericho.
After the DQ, Silverman was DVD'd by Saturn.

All in all, it was a pretty good house show. If I got the finishing moves wrong, or the refs wrong, it is only because I watch this stuff part time.

Kevin H.'s report:
Apparently the ad in the paper said that this was a taping for Sunday {Pro}, and actually they taped the Saturday Night show here too. There were 24 matches in all, and there were some wrestlers that I never heard of before. But it was a very enthusiastic crowd. Some notable matches.....

Disciple vs Kaos

Disciple got mega boos when he came to the ring. He was ranting and raving on how he was a lost wrestler with no direction in life. He said that since the breakup of the OWN he doesn't know where to turn, and apparently, the crowd didn't give a damn either. Kaos wins by pinfall.

Eric Watts vs Dave Taylor

In case you saw it on TV, we were amongst the people on the isle that were chanting "You suck" to Taylor, and he stopped and stared at us for a minute with a weird look on his face. Dave Taylor wins by pinfall.

Lodi vs Van Hammer

Apparently no one in the arena liked Lodi. "Lodi sucks" chants the whole match. Van Hammer wins.

Bobby Duncum, Jr wrestled twice tonight. Once against a guy I never heard of, and then again against Kendall Windham. The Windham match ended in a double count out, and he won the other match.

Jericho vs Saturn

Standing along the aisleway again when Saturn came out and he said clear as day to the crowd..."I hate this damn dress." There were "Jericho sucks" chants through the whole match.

All in all, it was worth the 19 bucks that I paid, but we didn't get to see Hogan, Nash, Sting, Goldberg, or any of those guys. Bummer. Also chants of "We want Nitro" throughout the night. "Goldberg" chants about three or four times as well.

Biggest pops:

  1. Bamm Bamm
  2. Disco Inferno
  3. Booker T
  4. Saturn
  5. Benoit and Malenko
Biggest boos:
  1. Dave Taylor
  2. Disciple
  3. Norman Smiley
  4. Ernest Miller
  5. Jericho
Funniest sign:

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