WCW House Show Results from Fairfax, VA, 04/02/99

WCW House Show Results from Fairfax, VA, 04/02/99

By Lee C. and Nick R.
Pictures and additional comments by Bill

Lee C.'s report:

Just got home from the WCW house show at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. A pretty good group of matches tonight, plus being in the second row didn't hurt either. If this was a televised event we would have been on the side that the camera are mounted on, off camera. Before we headed down to our seats, we stopped by and got Arn Anderson's autograph....he was really nice to us...plus got a copy of the book!!!

The night started shortly after 7:30 when Penzer came out and went through the usual announcements about throwing objects. Also in the ring was Charles Robinson, who we gave a ton of crap, too. We kept yelling how he sold out and asked how much money it would take for us to win a match. He was pretty responsive to us and that was cool.

All in all a great show. Better than the last house show I went to in Fairfax and probably better than the Thunder that was there last March.

Biggest Pops:

  1. Hogan, full Hulkster on this one
  2. Sting
  3. Rey Mysterio
  4. Kidman
  5. Konnan
Biggest Heat:
  1. Flair
  2. Horsemen
  3. Bam Bam
  4. Horace
Comments from Bill:
Lee pretty much covered it all. Ironically, Lee got Arn's autograph, and my group and I saw Arn on his way through the lobby before the show. The man was everywhere, I guess.
I found it kind of interesting that in the Juventud/Lizmark match, Juvi played the face and Lizmark played the heel. Very different than what they've been doing lately. We lucked into great seats, as you can tell by the pictures. We were on the floor, eleventh row back, right on the entranceway where the wrestlers come in. As the wrestlers are looking at the ring, we were on the right-hand side.
I was surprised at their having eight matches. That's a lot for a house show. It required three referees: Charles Robinson, Mickey J, and Johnny Boone.
Nick R. from Herndon, VA had these comments:
A decent show. Nothing surprising, but well worked by all the wrestlers. I had decent seats in the middle of the arena.The only downside was a big sweaty fat guy who looked like Jim Neidhart behind me. And I thought we'd seen the last of him....

Anyway,onto the show!

Match 1: Lizmark Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera

Lizmark came out to boos. Juvi did not have his regular music. Not a high-flying match by any means. Lizmark played a good heel. Juvi got a bit of heat. Match consisted of crappy lariats and a few arial moves. Juvi won with a nice-looking Juvi driver.

Match 2: Horace vs. "Black Magic" Norman Smiley

The nWo B-Team music starts playing and I cringe. I was hoping I wouldn't have to be subjected to this. Stormin' Norman's music plays and the crowd goes wild. Well...sort of. Norman hits his big scoop slams and double-underhook slam. As he hits the SMBU, Horace sneaks up behind him and eventually hits a shitty Samoan drop for the win. (H-Bomb)

Match 3: "Lucky Charms" Fit Finley vs. Scotty Riggs

It takes a long, long time for Riggs and Finley to hook up. Riggs hit one of his sweet dropkicks. Nothing special about this match, though. Finley eventually stuck him with the tombstone. I did get a "Finley sucks" chant going.

Match 4: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Kidman

Once again,WCW proves they have the tag team title situation under control by having the beltholders fight each other. Go figure. As they hook up, Benoit and Malenko with Arn hit the ring. Arn and the Horsemen play the heels and the match is now a tag match.


Great match! Rey hit some nice headscissors and a frankensteiner.The highlight was Rey's double dropkick. Huge "Horsemen suck" chants. Malenko tried a powerslam, but Rey rolled thru for the win. Post-match, the Horsemen clobbered Rey & Kidman with the cruiserweight belt.

Intermission - I get some nachos. It's a crime to pay nearly 4 bucks for some nachos. The nachos are horrible so I give them to my brother. He'll eat anything.

Match 5: Disco vs. Gonnad

Konnan comes out in a jersey and camo pants. I've got news for Konnan: the camos aren't working; I can still see his fat ass. Good match, though. Disco got a fan's beer and got hit on the apron, sending it into the crowd. Funny, that's EXACTLY the same thing that happened during the Vincent/Konnan match in September. Konnan hit a nice DDT and the carpetmuncher. Eventually, Disco attempted the Last Dance and Konnan hit it on him!! Tequila Sunrise. It's over.

Match 6: Bigelow vs. Sting

Sting came out to a huge pop. Great match with Stinger missing a splash on the guardrail and scoop-slamming Bigelow. Sting hit his first splash in the corner and missed the second. Bigelow attempted the Greetings from Asbury Park, but Sting slipped behind and got the Deathdrop.

Match 7: Meng vs. Goldberg

Meng comes out without his shiny pants.The roof comes off when Goldberg enters. Good match with minimal stalling. Bigelow comes out and he and Goldberg argue on the apron. Meng tries to attack Goldberg from behind, but Goldberg moves! Meng runs into Bigelow, and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer! Wait a minute...if my memory serves me right, Goldberg usually does another move before the Jackhammer. Oh yeah...the spear. No spear tonight, though. Jackhammer, splat, win.

Match 8: Hogan vs. Flair

Hogan comes out to a huge pop. Flair gets A LOT of jeers. Flair jaws with the fans and plays the heel. Man, Hogan is really orange! Typical Hogan/Flair match: Clothesline, throws Flair off the top, scoop slams. Flair locks on the figure-4 but it gets reversed. Hogan hits the big boot and leg drop. Charles Robinson makes the count, 1,2,.... he won't count to three. Robinson gets knocked out accidentally and Flair goes to town on Hogan. Hogan hulks up because he is American Made, after all...Big Boot, Leg Drop...Johnny Boone rolls in...1,2,3! We have a new champ! As Robinson comes to, he declares Flair the winner because Hogan supposedly hit him. This causes large amounts of trash to be hurled at the ring. Hogan nails Robinson and Johnny Boone stomps away on Robinson! Great stuff! Hogan poses and leaves. I get up out of my seat, sneak past the security guy, go down to the guardrail and try to touch Hogan. I didn't, but man is he huge in real life!


  1. Hogan
  2. Goldberg
  3. Sting
  1. Flair
  2. Malenko/Benoit
  3. Disco
A great show, I doubt I'll go to Nitro in June, though. Until WCW gives me a reason to spend more money, I'll watch RAW.

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