House Show Results from Cullowhee, NC, 3/3/99

House Show Results from Cullowhee, NC, 3/3/99

By Avery and Brian and Norm and Fish
Avery and Brian's report:
Pretty good show over all. Dave Penzer comes out to begin with and makes everyone feel good about themselves. Then the matches get under way.

Match one: Kaz Hayashi vs. Prince Iaukea
Prince wins via Flying side body press from the top.

Match two: Disco Inferno vs. Scotty Riggs
Disco receives a huge pop until he gets in the ring and pledges to the Wolfpack, the fans suddenly turn on him like a pack of rabid dogs. Riggs then comes out to great fan support.
Disco wins via Chartbuster

Match three: Ernest Miller vs. Billy Kidman
Ernest pisses everyone off in the building. It is a wonder he made it out of Cullowhee alive. The people love Kidman. I was disappointed however by Kidman's performance.
Kidman wins via rollup.

Match four: Dave Taylor vs. Hugh Morrus
Hugh was truly impressive. Probably the best match all night.
Hugh wins via no laughing matter.

Match five: Jericho vs. Saturn
Jericho gives his speil in the ring before the match. Saturn comes out wearing a mini skirt.
Saturn wins via DVD.

Match six: Scott Norton vs. Booker T
Booker wins via a kick of some kind

Main Event: Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham
Not what I expected at all. Ric gets in a few good hits on Barry, before Barry locks on a figure four that seemed to last a eternity.
Flair wins via roll up.

I don't look for WCW to return to Cullowhee any time soon. Just not enough fan support in my book, but who has ever heard of Cullowhee any way? WCW didn't even announce the event on TV. So thanks any way for coming to BFE and wrestling for us.

Norm's and Fish's report:
Live from Western Carolina it's WCW!!

Norm and Fish are of the four people who went to the Greenville Nitro when Flair returned and got a report published online (thanks Bill)! Here's the house show report....

Prince Iaukea d. Kaz Hayashi with a top rope cross body press.

Disco Inferno vs. Scotty Riggs

Disco got on the mike and started berating Cullowhee, which of course got heel heat. Riggs grabbed the mike and trashed Disco back. Good match...the highlight being Disco went for the Chartbuster, but Riggs got out of it and hit Disco with a Chartbuster of his own! Disco won using the ropes, though.

Kidman d. Ernest Miller with a modified powerbomb

Miller came out and did his usual a lot of heat. Kidman came out, grabbed the mike and said "I thought I had a title defense tonight, but judging from those love handles, it looks like Ernest didn't make the weight." Heh. Good match.

Hugh Morrus d. Dave Taylor with the No Laughing Matter.

Definately the most entertaining match of the night. Taylor was getting heat because he was from Britain, but a few guys started a "UK" chant, which turned Taylor around and he yelled at Hugh Morrus: "Ha!" It was funny, as was the whole match with Morrus being silly the whole time. Morrus got a big pop when he landed the NLM.


Saturn d. Chris Jericho with the DVD.

Jericho came out and started babbling on the mike, calling Cullowhee "Cowalealee" and saying how happy we all were to see him. Saturn came out and the match started. Very good match, with Jericho doing what he does best.

Booker T. d. Scott Norton with a small package

Huge pop for Booker when he came out. The match was good, but Norton moves slower than a walrus. Booker was definately over in WCU.

Ric Flair d. Barry Windham with a roll up

Flair, as usual, got the biggest pop of the night. Flair treated Windham to many chops, and Windham countered with a figure-four and pulling down Flair's trunks on an attempted sunset flip. That got a big pop. Windham pinned Flair using the ropes, but Pee Wee saw it and didn't count the pin. Windham argued with him..Flair then rolled up Windham from behind.

Good fight...good night!

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