House Show Results from Greenville, SC, 2/28/99

House Show Results from Greenville, SC, 2/28/99

By Will and Jeremy Crowe

A large line formed an hour before the doors opened. After a while, some guys hung a huge sign that said, "DDP IS TRAILER TRASH, HOLLER IF U HEAR ME" from the parking garage. When the doors finally opened (late I might add), we walked around the entire building, looking for a program. When I finally got one, I found out that it was just a copy of the crappy WCW/nWo Magazine with a lousy sheet of paper that listed the tentative matches in it, and they charged an extra buck for the lousy sheet of paper stuck in the magazine. (The magazine did have a pretty good article written by Jericho in which he reveals what it takes to be a Jerichoholic.) We went to our seats, only to find that I had an excellent floor seat right next to the rail where the wrestlers walk to the ring at and only a few rows back from the ring.

When the event started, some ring announcer who I had never seen before came into the ring. He mentioned that this was the second WCW event in the Bi-Lo center, and both had sold out. He hocked the WCW merchandise and then began introductions for the first match.

MATCH ONE: Barbarian vs. Saturn

Barbarian enters wearing his Faces of Fear tights. Saturn enters wearing blue jeans instead of his dress. They begin the match with a few collar-and-elbow tie-ups with Barbarian shoving Saturn down. Saturn responds by applying a side headlock followed by an inverted atomic drop. After taking a quick breather, Barbarian is attacked by Saturn as he reentered the ring. Barbarian gains the upper hand with knees to Saturn's midsection. He nails a few shots on Saturn in the corner, ending with Saturn on the outside. Barbarian does jumping jacks in the ring before going after Saturn. He posts Saturn and reenters the ring. Saturn reenters the ring by attempting a sunset flip on the Barbarian. Barbarian steadies himself with the ropes only to have referee Billy Silverman kick his hand from the ropes, resulting in a roll-up for a two count. After a body slam, Barbarian mocks Saturn's signal for the DVD and Rings of Saturn. He follows up by missing a diving headbutt from the top rope. Saturn performs a T-bone suplex on Barbarian, followed by a two count. Barbarian power bombs Saturn and gets a two count. Saturn fails at an attempt at the Spicolli Driver only to duck the Kick of Fear and roll-up Barbarian for the pin.

YOUR WINNER: Saturn by a roll-up pin

MATCH TWO: Silver King and Kaz Hyashi vs. La Parka and Norman Smiley

Kaz enters the ring wearing his Glacier Gear and with Silver King in cowboy getup.

Norman and a robed La Parka enter the ring, and La Parka dances on his chair.

Parka throws his chair at Silver King, and the four men brawl. Parka and Silver King the fight on the outside and Parka lands a savage chair shot on the stocky one. Smiley holds Kaz on the inside as Parka renters and lands a kick on Kaz. Parka tags in and taunts Silver King in. As referee Charles Robinson forces Silver King back to his corner, Parka chops Kaz and begins to double team him with Smiley. Kaz avoids Parka's attack and spin-wheel kicks Smiley. He tags in Silver King who performs a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Parka. After a few one counts and two counts, Kaz and Silver King drop kick Smiley and the Chairman of WCW, who rolls outside. Kaz and Silver King leap over the top rope and land on their opponents. Kaz chops Smiley twice as Silver King chairs Parka. Smiley and Kaz reenter the ring, and Smiley puts Kaz in an awesome submission hold and does the Big Wiggle as chants of "Norman" erupt in the arena.

Kaz bulldogs Smiley and tags in Silver King. Parka rushes in and enzugueries Silver King. Silver King attempts a sunset flip on Parka, Parka steadies himself, dances, and then attempts to punch Silver King, hitting the mat in the process. Silver King performs a spinning DDT on Parka and gets a two count. Kaz and Silver King both mock the Big Wiggle. As Kaz grabs Smiley from behind, Smiley lands a back elbow and tags Parka in. Parka gets a two count and then powerbombs Kaz and attempts a pin. Silver King makes the save. As Silver King gains control, Smiley enters the ring and suckers Silver King into hugging him, only to attack him. Silver King follows up by landing a loud superkick on Smiley. He Irish whips Smiley into the corner and charges him, only to be leap-frogged onto the top rope. Parka rushes to the corner and takes Silver King's legs out from under him, crotching him on the turnbuckle. Kaz then sunset flips Parka for the win.

YOUR WINNERS: Kaz and Silver King via a sunset flip by Kaz on Parka

Norman was awesome and charismatic in this matchand got huge pops. I am now a fan. Even though I have seen Silver King wrestle and read the DDT Digest reports for a while now, seeing him in person, I was almost fooled by his stocky physique. La Parka ruled as always. This was easily THE match of the night.

MATCH THREE: Billy Kidman vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera for the cruiserweight title

Rey and Kidman attack Juvi. Juvi misses a splash on Kidman only to have Rey apply the Bronco-buster on him in the corner. Juvi double dropkicks his opponents and tries for the pin, only getting a one count. Rey hits Kidman and receives a powerbomb for his efforts. Kidman gets a two count. Juvi is thrown from the ring, and Rey gets a two count on Kidman. Kidman misses a move on Rey and spills to the outside opposite of Juvi. Rey runs to the ropes in preparation of a dive at Kidman only to be tripped from behind by Juvi and Druagged outside. Juvi climbs into the ring and attempts the same move on Rey only to be tripped from behind by Kidman and dragged outside. Rey dives over the top rope onto both his opponents. He whips Juvi into the railing, and the two reenter the ring. Rey leaps from the top rope only to be dropkicked in midair by Juvi. Juvi then crotches Kidman on the top turnbuckle. Rey hurricanranna's Kidman with assistance from Juvi, and Juvi covers Kidman for a two count. Juvi Juvidrivers Rey and signals for the 450. Rey holds onto Juvi's ankle to prevent the 450 spalsh. Kidman suplexes Juvi, and Rey covers both for a two count. Kidman covers Juvi for two. Kidman flips Rey outside onto the timekeeper's table and covers Juvi for the three count.

YOUR WINNER: Kidman via pinfall over Juvi

MATCH FOUR: Psychosis vs. Konnan

After nWo music plays for no apparent reason, Psychosis enters to no music. K-Dawg enters to a huge pop. Unfortunately, he is given a mic. Insert standard schtick here. He then says, Hey Psycho, I hope you brought some croutons because you're gonna toss my salad and peel my potatoes." He hiptosses Psychosis then stomps him in the corner. They go the outside, and Konnan posts and tables Psychosis. They roll into the ring, and Konnan applies an interesting submission hold on Psychosis. Psychosis briefly gains control but is then headscissored by Konnan. Psychosis then walks down the aisle like he intends to leave but returns. Psychosis dropkicks Konnans knees but is whipped into the turnbuckle in return. They whip each other into the corners and hiptoss each other before going to the outside. Konnan rails Psychosis. They reenter the ring, and Konnan begins an attempt to unmask Psychosis who fights to keep his mask. Here's a quick useless fact for you courtesy of WCW/nWo Magazine: Psychosis enjoys computer programming in his spare time (I believe it; I've seen him without his mask on before, and he looks like a dork). Psychosis's mask slips down to his neck, but his hair completely covers his face. He pulls his mask back up, but Konnan turns it around backwards. Konnan finallly totally removes Psychosis's mask, but again his hair covers his face. Konnan mocks Psychosis by putting his mask on. Konnan lands a low dropkick and returns the mask. Psychosis carries his mask down the aisle as he begins to leave again.

He returns to the ring and receives a rolling clothesline, a kick, and the facebuster. Konnan covers but lifts up Psychosis after a two count. He then plant Psychosis with the Outsider's Edge and covers for the win.

YOUR WINNER: Konnan by pinfall as a result of an Outsider's Edge

After the match, Psychosis walked to the back with his mask down around his neck. I felt sorry for the guy.

MATCH FIVE: Bryan Adams vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Adams enters the ring and begins insulting Greenville, SC. He says that since Big Poppa Pump injured DDP, Greenville gets the pleasure of looking at him, and not only will he get paid without wrestling, he will collect winner's pay. BPP got a pretty good pop when he was mentioned. Rick Steiner takes it upon himself to challenge Adams, referring to "Big Poppa Pimp" in the process. Adams declines the challenge and begins to walk away. The announcer then announces that Adams must wrestle or will be fined $5,000. Adams reluctantly returns, bringing:

MATCH FIVE: Bryan Adams vs. Rick Steiner

Adams attempts to jump Steiner and is met with an inverted atomic drop. After a few moments of brawling, Scott Norton rushes the ring, and he and Adams begin to apply a beatdown on Steiner, resulting an a DQ win for Steiner. As the beatdown continues, a white-facepainted Sting rushes into the ring to save Steiner.

YOUR WINNER: Rick Steiner

Sting grabs the stick and says, "Sti-zing in the hiz-ouse." He calls the nWo members back out for a tag match, but they ignore him. He says to the nWo "If you two jack@$$es don't get back out here we'll come and get ya." The four men begin to brawl in the aisle as we see the beginning of:

MATCH SIX: Scott Norton and Bryan Adams vs. Sting and Rick Steiner

Sting and Steiner move the nWo team back into the ring, resulting in barks and cheers from the audience. Steiner taunts the nWo team by waving an nWo shirt as though he were a bullfighter waving a cape and then wipes his sweat off with the shirt and throws it away. Norton attacks Steiner. Steiner back-bodydrops Norton and tags in Sting. Norton clotheslines Sting and tags in the human waste of space. Adams enters the ring only to be planted face-first into the mat. Sting attempts a Scorpion Deathlock. Adams escpes to the outside. He reenters the ring and has a test of strength with Sting. Sting kicks Adams and locks back up with Adams. Adams reverses Sting into a poorly done piledriver. Norton tags in and applies a huge bearhug on Sting. Sting escapes with an earclap, bounces off the ropes and runs right into another bearhug. As Adams enters the ring, Norton chops Sting. The two double shoulderblock Sting. Adams lands an inverted atomic drop followed by a quick legdrop on Sting. Sting lands a shoulderblock, stumbles into the ropes, and collapses with his head crotching Adams. Sting lands an enzuguerie followed by two Stinger Splashes. He tags Steiner in. Steiner lands a Steinerline and gets a two count. Norton nails Steiner from behind and gets the tag. Norton clotheslines Steiner. Steiner reverses an Irish whip and suplexes Norton. He then tags in Sting. Sting lands a Stinger Splash and goes for the pin. Adams interrupts the count, and he and Steiner brawl out of the ring. Sting lands the Scorpion Deathdrop on Norton and picks up the win.

YOUR WINNERS: Sting and Rick Steiner by pinfall as a result of a Scorpion Deathdrop on Norton

I actually got a high five from the Dog-Faced Gremlin as he walked down the aisle towards the back.

The announcer does a quick ad for the Bruise Cruise. Buff gets a huge pop when mentioned, and Bret Hart gets loud boos.

MATCH SEVEN: Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko (with Arn Anderson) vs. Chris Jericho, Barry Windham, and Curt Hennig (with tag belts)

Jericho (without Ralphus) and the tag champs enter first, and Jericho gets a mic. He says, "Barry Windham and Curt Hennig want you to want me." He then says the Greenville, NC is their favorite town. Arn and the Horsemen enter to the biggest pop of the night. Jericho grabs the ring bell and threatens the Horsemen with it. Ric grabs the mic and says, "You better enjoy this Jericho. It'll never get better than tonight." Jericho stands with his fists up in a boxing stance as he taunts Arn. Our Paragon of Virtue and Deano Machine-o start things off. Our role model reverses an armbar and attempts a clothesline. Malenko ducks it but catches a shoulderblock from Jericho after Jericho bounces off the ropes. Jericho ducks a clothesline only to catch a dropkick from Malenko. Malenko suplexes Jericho and then snapmares him. Benoit tags in and lands some LOUD chops on Jericho, whose chest turns as crimson as his tights. Jericho ducks outside the ring and tags Hennig in from the outside. Benoit elbows Hennig in the face and savgely slaps him in the face. Hennig stumbles a second and then falls into the corner. Benoit spits on Hennig. He then lands a drop toehold, followed by some chops. Benoit suplexes Hennig and tags in the Nature Boy. Hennig goes to the eyes and tags Windham in. Windham exchanges punches with Flair's chops in the corner, with Falir coming out on top. Flair spits at Jericho and low blows Windham. Flair applies the figure four, but Windham reaches the ropes. Jericho tags in and stomps on the downed Flair. Flair back Jericho into a corner with a series of chops. The two exchange chops and punches in the corner. Jericho attempts his C'mon Baby pin. Hennig tags in, and Flair does the Flair flop. Hennig gets a two count. Hennig lands a snapmare and his follow up move on the sitting Flair. Windham tags in and attempts to put Flair in a figure four, only to be kicked off twice. Windham punches Flair in the corner and then whips him to the other croner. Flair flips over the turnbuckle and begins to run across the apron, only to be met by Hennig. Jericho grabs Flair by the ankles from the outside, drags him into the corner, and crotches him on the post. Flair attempts a comeback but is beat down. Hennig tags in and works on Flair's knee. Hennig puts the figure four on Flair and uses Windham for leverage as Jericho distracts the ref. When the referee turns away, Jericho begins to give Hennig extra leverage. Flair breaks the hold by poking Hennig in the eye. Windham tags in and is met by an inverted atomic drop. Flair chops him and then does the Flair Flop. Hennig tags back in, slaps Flair, and exchanges chops with Flair. Windham and Malenko tag in. Malenko fends of all three and then kicks Windham. It looks like Windham is going to Texas, but Jericho makes the save. Chaos breaks out, and Jericho tags in. He fails an attempted Lionsault. Benoit tags in and covers Jericho for a two count. He then lands a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Jericho. Benoit signals the end with a thumb across his throat. He then lands his diving headbutt. He attempts a pin, but Windham makes the save. While the other wrestlers and Arn all brawl on the outside, Benoit applies the Crippler Crossface on Jericho for the win.

YOUR WINNERS: Flair, Benoit, and Malenko by sumission as a result of a Crippler Crossface on Jericho

The losers argue with the ref and then Jericho argues with the tag champs. He strikes them, and then begin to give Jericho a beatdown. They double suplex him and then hold up the tag belts. They beat Jericho some more, and Jericho rolls out of the ring. Jericho grabs the mic and says that if they don't stop double teaming him, he'll have to kick both their @$$es. He then runs down the aisle towards the back. He stops momentarily and says, "Everybody knows that this is Jericho country" and then heads to the back.

I was a little disappointed that Ralphus wasn't there. Jericho doing the job was a sure sign that he hasn't re-signed with WCW. I love Jericho on TV, but after seeing him in person, I realise that he, not the Rock, is truly THE most electrifying man in sports entertainment today.

A Goldberg chant begins as the announcer hypes Nitro and Uncensored. They then announce that Nitro will return to the Bi-Lo Center on May 24.

MATCH EIGHT: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Goldberg

Bam Bam enters with no music. Goldberg enters to loud chants of his name. Bam Bam says that he wants the noise kept to a minimum, so, of course, the crowd gets even louder. They do a couple of collar and elbow tie-ups. Bam Bam applies a side headlock on Goldberg. Bam Bam is sent into the ropes and receives a shoulderblock. The two then fight in the aisle right in front of me. Bam Bam is sent into the rail where I was standing and almost knocks me down. They roll back into the ring. Golberg nails the spear and jackhammer as camera flashes light the entire arena. He gets the pin and then walks down the aisle. I ACTUALLY GET A HIGH FIVE FROM GOLDBERG HIMSELF.

YOUR WINNER: Goldberg by pinfall after a jackhammer

The event was very well done. It was a lot better than Thunder or Nitro have been in a long time.

The Good: The Norman Smiley and La Parka vs. Kaz and Silver King match was the best match of the night. Smiley is truly entertaining. Jericho in the same match as the Horseman was awesome. I highly enjoyed getting a high five from Rick Steiner and Goldberg. I had an excellent seat.

The Bad: Jericho did the job. Sting is still out of shape. The Goldberg match was a little too short.

The Ugly: I had to watch the human waste of space, Bryan Adams wrestle. WCW should have filmed this show. WCW also let Konnan humiliate poor Psychosis, and people actually cheered it on.

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