Complete 2/2/99 WCWSN/Worldwide Taping Results From La Crosse, WI

Complete 2/2/99 WCWSN/Worldwide Taping Results from La Crosse, WI

By Michael M.

Hi and Welcome to La Crosse, WI on the banks of the beautiful Mississippi River. We're at the La Crosse Center for a Saturday Night TV taping. For the first time in my glorious twenty-year history of being a wrestling fan, I'm doing something different. This time I didn't go with the boys, I took my nine-year-old, Jacob and my nephew Ryan. This is their first live event.

Jacob and Ryan are now hooked on Pro Wrestling. They saved their allowance for months to buy all kinds of souvenirs. If you ever get a chance to take a kid to their first wrestling match do it. You can't believe how excited they get. They didn't care if it was low-carders or mid-carders they had a blast and were still talking about it this morning.

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