House Show Results from Madison, Wisconsin, 2/3/99

House Show Results from Madison, Wisconsin, 2/3/99

By Ben, Paul J. from University of Wisconsin and Jeff S. from University of Wisconsin

Ben sends in the following report:

I went to the Madison, Wisconsin house show at the Dane County Coliseum. It was about 1/3 full.

I was about to go in when a limo pulled up. Everybody huddled around it and out came......2 KIDS!!!!!!! Guy behind me yelling, "NO MOM. IT'S JUST 2 LITTLE CRACK-HEADS!!!!!

Penzer was not there. They had a new, young guy.

Paul J. sends in the following report:

You said to keep sending in house show results, so here they are. A pretty young crowd, mostly kids there with Mom and Dad, although a large number of college students there as well.

First match - Chris Adams defeated Barry Darsow with the Superkick. Not a great match. Crowd wasn't too into it.

Second match - Fit Finley defeated Scotty Riggs with the Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd was confused when they played Riggs' music, I couldn't recall ever hearing it before. From the nosebleed seats where I was sitting, it looked like Benoit (red tights, unkempt hair, etc.) Better match than the one before it. Crowd was really behind Riggs for a while with "USA" chants.

Third match - Next, the announcer was advertising the Bruise Cruise or some such nonsense (like we don't see enough advertisements during Nitro), and Curt Hennig comes to the ring to interupt him. He says we deserve to see some real wrestling, and challenges anyone in the back to come and face him. Out comes...Dean Malenko. Much better. The crowd goes wild, they put on a great show, and Malenko is beating Hennig until...

Mike Enos and Bobby Duncum Jr. come out and attack Malenko? Sure, maybe it's the start of a new anti-Horsemen group. In any case, Mongo runs out to make the save. As the bad guys retreat to the back, Mongo challenges them to a 3 on 2 match, then remembers someone that could be their third member, and out walks Arn, carrying something. Like I said, we had nosebleed seats. Looked like a thin metal bar.

Third match, part 2: Horsemen beat Hennig and Enos. Enos was in for a long time. At the end, Arn nails Hennig with the foreign object, and Malenko gets the pin. Duncum never did get tagged in, so it was more of a two-on-two match, with a lot of extra-curricular activities outside the ring. Fun match. After the Horsemen left, Hennig, Enos, and Duncum argued among themselves, Hennig got pushed around a little, and Enos and Duncum walked off without Hennig.

Now, after that great match that got us all pumped up: 15 minute intermission, so we can go buy stuff. Blah.

Fourth match: Booker T beats Chris Jericho with the usual series of moves. Jericho was, as usual, amazing on the mic, reminding all of us in "Madison, Illinois" that he was our role model. He had also stolen the tape of Booker T's theme music, so that we couldn't raise the roof. Funny stuff. It was as good a match as you'd expect from these two, going up into the audience, into tables, etc.

Fifth match: Bill Goldberg defeats Bam Bam Bigelow the way you'd expect him to. Bam Bam came out to the ring, and our reaction was "This isn't the main event?" Short match, but the crowd loved it. Goldberg couldn't get Bam Bam all the way up for the Jackhammer, but nobody really cared.

That's all. 5 (okay, 5 and a half) matches in 2 short hours, including the advertising by the ring announcer and the intermission. Weak. Needless to say, I and most of my friends were unhappy about this.

The good stuff: 2 great matches, great mic work by Jericho and Booker T, and Goldberg. Everybody loves Goldberg, right?

The bad stuff: 5 matches? And 2 of them jobber matches? No luchadores, no nWo of any color, not even Disco, the nWo wannabe. The only match that they'd advertised that didn't happen was Luger vs Stevie Ray, for obvious reasons. We expected that at least one of them would wrestle somebody.

The scary thing is that's the best this state gets. We can't even get a Thunder in Milwaukee, or something. I'm a die-hard WCW fan, but when WWF came through and taped a RAW here a few months ago, I went. We were there for well over 3 hours of solid wrestling, no intermissions, for about the same price as this house show.

Not a way for WCW to win fans, huh?

Jeff S. sends in the following report:

Five matches, or six, depending how you look at it. I was a little disappointed with that. They managed to keep the length of the show to exactly 2 hours, right down to the 3-count on Goldberg's pin. If they wanted to keep it to 2 hours, that's fine, but having one more match instead of the EXCESSIVE stalling in the first two matches would have been nice.

I know house show results don't count for much, but I was very excited to see Enos and Duncum working with Hennig. I think those two have a lot of talent that WCW can get some use out of. Maybe they will work together with Hennig and Barry Windham to make the Anti-Horsemen! If not, I vote for Enos to take Mongo's place in the Horsemen...he's got the moves and talent that Mongo lacks ;)

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