House Show Results from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunday, 10/11/1998

House Show Results from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sunday, 10/11/1998

By Andy from Evanston, IL

Because it's late, I'm only going to give a quick summary of the card. The matches and results were identical to the show the night before in Columbus, OH. In case you haven't read those, here they are:

Psychosis over Magnum Tokyo: Psychosis nailed Tokyo in the stomach with a dropkick as Tokyo came of the top rope, and I believe it knocked the wind out of Tokyo. He was writhing in pain, and Psychosis gave him a glancing blow with the top rope leg drop. Referee Billy Silverman stayed with Tokyo in the ring for a couple of minutes after the match.

Kidman over Prince Iaukea: No Michigan shirt for the Prince tonight, just a lot of gestures aimed at inciting the crowd. Kidman had a bandage on his chin - maybe he cut himself shaving or something like that.....

Eddie/Chavo Guerrero over Disco Inferno/Alex Wright: Disco said he had no problem with Mexicans as long as they're cooking burritos at Taco Bell or mowing his lawn. Wright did his usual speech about Americans not understanding German.....This was the longest (16 min) and by far best match of the night. Eddie won rolling up Wright, and during the match Chavo tried to stick the stick of Pepe up Disco's a**...He also made Mickey Jay "stroke" it before the match started....

Wrath over the British Bulldog: This match was short, and it sucked. About 5 minutes of wrestling until Alex Wright came out and hit Davey Boy with a top rope dropkick. Wrath then used the Meltdown on Smith to pin him. The guy in front of me was yelling bulls**t after the match, and throughout the intermission complained that there's no way the Bulldog couldn't have won the match, and that Alex Wright's boot must have been loaded......A little too much beer perhaps!

Lex Luger/Rick Steiner vs. Stevie Ray/Scott Norton: No contest after Bret Hart interferes 10 mins into the "match." I say "match" because every stalling tactic in the book was used in this one. The heels attempting to leave the arena (twice), yelling at the crowd, and the traditional posedown were all used. After about a minute of wrestling, Hart interfered, Sting made the save, and a six man tag was announced.

Lex Luger/Rick Steiner/Sting over Bret Hart/Stevie Ray/Scott Norton: Not too much work in this match either. Luger racked Stevie Ray for the win.

Goldberg over The Giant: This match went about 6 mins, and after no-selling the chokeslam, Goldberg won via the Jackhammer.

Overall, a decent show with the arena about 5/8 filled. The younger guys worked harder than the bigger names, but that's not surprising.

Biggest pops:

  1. Wolfpac
  2. Guerreros
  3. Goldberg

Biggest heat:

  1. nWo Hollywood
  2. Disco/Alex
  3. Psychosis

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