House Show Results from Houston, TX, October 18th

House Show Results from Houston, TX, October 18th

Wow, got three house show reports in less than 24 hours. In chronological order:

Don N. from Pearland, TX sends in the following report: Christian M. sent the following report...already in HTML format :-)   Joe K. sends in the following report:

Just thought I'd let you know how the WCW card in Houston on Oct 18 went. This was the first time that they have actually come to Houston in over six years, and I must say, they made up for it. The event took place at the AstroArena, that seats about 7000 to 8000 people. It COMPLETELY sold out. As of Friday the 17th, they only had 40 security officers hired. On Sat, they had to hire 100 MORE security officers. WCW did NOT think that this show would even be HALF sold out.
Bischoff, this is a wrestling city. Ever heard of Paul Boesche? Didn't think so or you would have known it would have sold out. They delayed the start of the show a half an hour to get all the people in. John S. sends in the following observations: B. Funn sends in the following observations:

After reading all the reports on the Houston show, I noticed that nobody mentioned the "good luck" sign that Arn Anderson gave to the nWo fans in the crowd after the Horsemen match was over. I was in the 3rd row on the side he was facing so I got a pretty good view of the action. Arn was not the only one showing off his middle finger either. Johnny Grunge mounted the turnbuckle before the match and made sure everyone saw both of his birds and I believe Eddie showed his appreciation of the Houston crowd in the same manner.
All in all it was a good show and hopefully Bischoff will learn that the fans here are worthy of having real shows come to the area. For pictures of the Houston show, check out my friend's web page:

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