House Show Results from Fairfax, VA, September 26th

House Show Results from Fairfax, VA, Friday, September 26th

By Bill

For those of you who missed me looking forward to it incessantly for the last two months, I went a house show at the George Mason University Patriot Center on 9/26. Here is my report:
Wade M. sent this report on the show:

Four matches for this show at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA, that were announced in advance were Lex Luger vs. Scott Hall, The Giant vs. Kevin Nash, Ric Flair vs. Jeff Jarrett, and DDP/Steiners vs. Norton/Bagwell/Syxx.
At the start of the show, the ring announcer told the crowd that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were both injured at the Battle in Seattle. Nash wouldn't be appearing at the show due to the injury. However, because of the change, we were getting two "main events." One was DDP vs. Randy Savage, the other was Luger/Giant vs. Syxx/Curt Hennig! Comments: The crowd was mostly WCW. There wasn't a huge pop for any of the nWo people. It was an entertaining show. I was kinda surprised to see Guererro and Wright job, but their matches were good. I was hoping Regal would have a fighting chance, until I saw it was Malenko he was facing. The nWo stomp party in the main event saw a lot of stuff being thrown into the ring. That's just plain rude.
All in all, a good show, considering all the last-minute booking changes they had to make.

Lee C. sends in this report:

I just got home from the event and man that was good. I had to write you and put in my two cents.....

Well, we arrived at the Patriot Center about 6:30 or so and got in line to buy our t-shirts. After a few minutes of fighting in line we finally got out nWo shirts and of course my girlfriend had to buy her nWo teddy bear. Well, we made our way down to our seats onto the floor and were escorted to our seats. 8th row across the way from where the wrestlers entered the ring.

Around 7:31 or so, the ring announcer made his way into the ring and announced a few changes to the card. First, he talked about how Hall and Nash had gotten hurt at the Battle in Seattle and Nash would not be there tonight, even though Hall was there. The main event, which was to be Luger, DDP, and the Giant vs. Hall, Nash, and Savage, was changed to a double main event with Savage vs. DDP and Syxx and Hennig vs. Giant and Luger. This, of course, came along with many boos. The announcer also made it perfectly clear that there was to be no throwing of objects into the ring as it may miss the ring and hit a fan across from you.

Finally the first match started. Out came Eddie Guerrero. This man is totally ripped. There was a lot of Eddie sucks going around...but I was yelling Eddie is the man. He faced the Ultimo Dragon in a non-title match (gee I wonder who was going to win this one). The match started out kinda slow with a lot of ground moves. Eddie was playing to the crowd great. He even did the thing where he hides behind the ref but the ref dipped out of the ring. This match was a good one that went back and forth until finally Dragon put on the Dragon sleeper and Eddie tapped out. Ultimo Dragon won the match but not the title.

Next match was Dean Malenko vs. Steven Regal. Of course I was cheering on Regal, but I think I was the only one. Before the match, some nut jumped the railing and hit the ring. Malenko grabs the guy and slams him into the turnbuckle and the security grabs him and he heads for the police station. This match was probably one of the most uninteresting matches all night. I did not get into this one and Malenko won with the Texas Cloverleaf.

Third match was Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright. I really didn't like this match too much but Alex did do the dance plenty of times. Before the match, Alex started speaking German and the crowd was booing hard. Alex got the biggest heel pop all night, it would have been the biggest pop period but that came later. I don't remember too much about this match because I was gettin' some beer for the boys, but I did come back to see Chris slap on the Boston Crab and win the match. On Jericho's way out of the ring he grabbed a sign and the crowd went nuts. I could not read the sign because it was away from me.

We were about to sit back down when the nWo 2nd team music started and out came Buff Bagwell and big Scott Norton. Buff is the man and it was great too see him in person. He is pretty ripped. He grabs the house mic and asks if Fairfax is nWo territory and then he says he really don't give a shit. That was great. Out comes the Steiners....If Scott isn't the poster child for steroids, then I don't who is. He is large. Another good match even though I really couldn't see too much of it because the crowd over by where we were sitting was rather rowdy. The Steiners win.

We then go to an intermission. I got more beer and came back to sit down.

Then there was a match that I was not into at all. It was Jeff Jarrett vs. Mongo. I don't like either one of these two and don't care about the match. I think this is where I went to the bathroom. Anyways, Mongo wins with a piledriver.

Some guy who won a contest does his Michael Buffer impression. Out comes the Macho Man. I think the crowd was about half and half WCW/nWo. Macho got a good pop. Out comes DDP.....this was one of the loudest all night. Macho says Fairfax is the land of broken dreams and he is going to break another one. Most of this match took place outside of the ring and of course not near us. DDP wins with the Diamond Cutter.

Finally, the last match of the night. nWo music is going off around the arena and the crowd is cheering. Hennig and Syxx enter the ring and Hall is walking around the ring with a pair of crutches. You could tell he was not hurt because he was putting too much pressure on the leg. You could tell this would come into play sometime before the night was over. Out comes the Giant and Luger. The Giant is a large man. We were standing at ring side and all you can do is look up the man. Luger and Syxx start off and they go back and forth until Syxx gets the advantage. Syxx and Hennig do a little double teamming and start to win the match. Syxx does the bull riding thing in the corner that is to our right and the crowd is going wild. The match ends when the Giant comes in and cleans house. He starts to choke slam Hennig while Luger has Syxx in the rack. In comes Hall who hits Luger in the stomach with a crutch and then hits the Giant in the back. DQ and in comes the nWo. They are all stomping mud holes when out of nowhere here comes STING!!!!!! This man hits the ring and the crowd is going nuts. You couldn't hear anything but the screaming of the crowd. He cleans house and it ends when he gives the Death Drop to Bagwell. The Giant, Luger and Sting all hug and they leave the ring.

All in all, this was a great show. This is the first time I have seen a live WCW show and it was good. I didn't think that Sting would be here but it was a great surprise. I am not a Sting fan but I too was cheering. I can only imagine what tonight would have been like if the original card was intact. It was supposed to be Giant, Luger, and DDP vs. Hall, Nash and Savage. That would have been a great match. The only down note was only the faces won tonight. But I don't make the matches so I can't say anything. On the way out of the arena, you could see all of the trash that was thrown into the ring. Reminded me of Nitro.
Peter A. sends in his report on the Fairfax show:

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