House Show Results from Knoxville, TN, Friday, August 22nd

House Show Results from Knoxville, TN, Friday, August 22nd

I got two reports for this show. Rather than pick a favorite, I'm presenting them in the order I received them. You should read both as the insights from each are totally different. Actually, as a result, I think this is my coolest house show report yet, as both guys are hardcore fans, but their reactions and observations are totally different.
From Derrik S.:
Chan, of the oft-mentioned Chan and Charlie, sends in this report:

These are the results of last night's card six-match WCW card. Charlie and his friends Matt and Joyce attended. I could not as I was detained with babysitting so this is a second-hand report, but Charlie is typically accurate in his assessment.

The first three matches were poor, but things heated up after intermission. The card was good considering who appeared, but was poor otherwise. The card at the Civic Auditorium was about 60% pro-WCW which has been in direct contrast with most cards here in the past year as the markish fans have been totally WCW in the past. The card drew well despite the poor card and the building looked more full than the last WCW card.

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling (of which former World champ Ron Garvin serves as booker and champion) officials Bill Needham and Terry Landel and star Jeff Anderson were in attendance. If you have never seen their program I will assure you that they were there simply as fans and not as a tryout or anything resembling that. Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers might recognize Needham's name as he sends in all of the Knoxville results and always is sporting a PWI name tag.

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