House Show Results - Grand Rapids, MI 04/19/97
House Show Results - Grand Rapids, MI 04/19/97

Alan Napieralski and Steve Sparks were at the house show in Grand Rapids, MI at Van Andel Arena April 19. Here are the results of a somewhat entertaining show:

Overall the WCW put on a decent show. We sat fourth row, ringside. The Nitro show last November was a much better presentation though.

Note from Bill: Since posting this, I got the following e-mail from Roger Wheeler:
I went the following night in Kalamazoo and the exact same things happened except Rey Mysterio fought Terry Taylor.
Pretty amazin' that the exact same things happened (man, am I upset to find out that wrestling isn't real).
I always make fun of how WWF does its booking. In Pro Wrestling Illustrated, you can see how on successive nights, the WWF puts on the exact same card in different towns. It seems the WCW is guilty of doing the same thing.
As for Terry Taylor, he is a road agent but fills in and jobs when needed. Super Calo must have been hurt or had another engagement.
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